Environmental Mod

Hi guys,

I made a very major change to the game configuration.

I added an ENVIRONMENT policygroup, swapped a whole bunch of policies over to it, created a background for it, removed CO2Emissions, changed Pollution to a simulation line rather than a situation.

Attached to Pollution:

Affected by OilDemand not GDP.


AverageTemperature now has a very slow affect from Pollution (both up and down). In turn, it affects Environment on an exponential - very small at first and devastating if left high. It also directly affects a bunch of disasters and can be affected by WeatherControl tech to some extent.

More things affect Pollution than Environment, but I left some things that affect Environment directly in a minor way.

I would have released a Mod, but I have no idea how to set it up to apply all of the changes I made, especially the policygroup one.
It does need some exposure and tweaking to balance the settings, but it’s far more accurate and realistic feeling already.