Epanding Nation Types (Nepal, North Korea, & the Philippines)

Long time player of this game, but I should say I’ve always loved the Africa edition because it really mixed up the game play.

Here are some nations I’d love to see considered for mixing up the game play:

Marked by unstable political leadership, crime is rampant followed by extrajudicial, state sanctioned mobs. Press freedom is low, unemployment is high, and all infrastructure is in need of repair. Water and electrical shortages are common, and trade is a challenge. Religious membership is quite high. Debt is somewhat manageable, however, at only 34% of GDP.

North Korea
This would take an initial flight of fancy - assuming it tried to switch to a more democratic state, perhaps no term limits and maximum term length. Of course, massive military spending, public health, school, and housing, along with all state owned services, would all be features, but overall weak GDP. 22% of the economy is farming, in need of infrastructure upgrades and support. Business confidence, press freedom would all be low; one might assume that in the initial transfer, like that of the USSR, corruption would be significant as well.

Late to modernize, farming still employs 65% of the population, with half of the nation’s budget coming via foreign aid. A nation-wide school system is still in development, along with much basic infrastructure. A monarchy sandwiched between two global power-houses (China and India) it could become economically stable if infrastructure allowed. One exception is a well developed and well-used air travel system. Especially because of its proximity to the Himalayas and reliance on farming, the impact of climate change is significant. Ethnically, it is a very diverse nation with a high religious population.

What are some other nations you’d like to see? Let’s branch out!!

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This is more for mods I guess.