[EPIC] Global Map & Global Warfare [EPIC]


What is so special there:
[i]* Epic “Worlds Collide” type starmap with size 3750x2000…

  • 4 epic ambient background soundtrack…
  • Great way of navigation, by pressing mouse wheel or third mouse button…
  • Always updated according storyline, that we, players create…[/i]

What do you need, to be part of this story:

// Players can fight only with chosen races!
// Limits and Fleets Type:
// — Small Reconnaissance Fleet: 1024~1200 Map Size, 2000~10000 Budget, 20~100 Pilots. Only provides approximate information of possible enemy actions and fleets.
// — Convoy/Raiding/Patrol Fleet: 1200~1900 Map Size, 10000~24000 Budget, 100~240 Pilots. Can colonize, install outpost/stations/etc. Can intercept other convoys/smugglers/recon fleets/etc.
// — Main Battle/Crusade Fleet: 1900~2800 Map Size, 24000~42000 Budget, 240~420 Pilots. Used to weaken/destroy other fleets/defenses/etc.
// — Heavy Assault/Invasion Fleet: 2800~3600 Map Size, 42000~78000 Budget, 240~780 Pilots. Fleet that can capture enemy territories/stations networks/solar systems/regions.
// — Full Scale Warfare Fleet: 3600~4096 Map Size, 78000~100000 Budget, 240~1000 Pilots. Fleet for most epic scale battles and complete obliteration of everything.
// PHASE I: Attacker announces challenge to the Defender at this topic with his rules: Budget, Max Pilots, Map Size according to “Limits and Fleets”.
// PHASE I: Attacker wins only if he defeated the Defender’s fleet 3 times in a row.
// PHASE I: If Attacker loses 3 times in a row, Defender wins.
// PHASE I: If Attacker from the start lost two times, then won two times and then lost again, attacker is defeated and Defender wins.
// PHASE I: If Attacker from the start lost one time, then won one time and then lost again, attacker is defeated and Defender wins.
// PHASE II: Defender has right to retaliate and chooses another fleet of same type and challenges the Attacker.
// PHASE II: If Attacker lost two times in a row to Defender’s retaliation fleet, Defender wins and nothing lost.
// PHASE II: If Attacker won, then battle is over and planets are captured/money are stolen/contributions received/etc.
// IMPORTANT NOTE: Before challenging one another, posting announcement in this topic! All results of battles posting in this topic too with screenshots!

Current Participant Races:

History (28.09.2011):
[i] + Nexus Gates opened.

  • Region “Blessing of the Damned” named.
  • Region “Reva Nebula” named.
  • Independent Defense Force established outpost network.
  • Deserters approximate location detected.[/i]

History (29.09.2011):
[i] + Region “Argena Expanse” named.

  • Praetorian Industries approximate territorial borders detected.
  • Warning! Distortion Field Anomaly detected at Praetorian Industries territory![/i]

History (30.09.2011):
[i] + Region “Bright Radiance” named.

  • Region “Pulsar Polarity” named.
  • Anomaly zone Matmos Rift detected!
  • Approximate location of the Midnight Pulsar detected!
  • Artificial microverse Last Resort of Hope detected![/i]

History (24.10.2011):
[i] + Anomaly zone “Graveyard of Ships” detected! Something definitely wrong there…

  • Anomaly zone “The Vamprie’s Kiss” detected! Probably a VERY big black hole…
  • Region “The Shallows” named. Very thick nebulae.
  • Anomaly region “The Great Blight” detected. Deadly to all life forms.
  • Anomaly zone “Tachyon Trench” detected. Positive anomaly, increases efficiency of FTL drives.
  • Anomaly region “The Himalaya Wall” detected. Permanent hyperspace obstacle.
  • Anomaly region “Backbone of Night” detected. Permanent hyperspace obstacle.
  • Anomaly region “Lesser Violet Abyss” detected. Deadly to all life forms.
  • Anomaly region “Great Violet Abyss” detected. Deadly to all life forms.
  • Warning! Deadly to all life forms “The Purple Death” twin super-pulsars detected!
  • Region “Stygian Abyss” named. Very small amount of habitable worlds.
  • Federation approximate borders and territorial influence detected.
  • Alliance approximate borders and territorial influence detected.
  • Empire approximate borders and territorial influence detected.
  • Rebel approximate borders and territorial influence detected.
  • Order approximate borders and territorial influence detected.
  • Nomads approximate location of transit worlds detected.
  • Tribe approximate borders and territorial influence detected.
  • Swarm approximate attack routes detected.
  • Parasites approximate location of harvesting worlds detected.
  • His Voice approximate borders and territorial influence detected.
  • Demon Patch cluster, that claimed by Pirates & Scavengers detected.
  • Tobruk main Pirate Base Station approximate location detected.[/i]

History (25.10.2011):
[i] + Uni-T approximate location has been detected.

  • Approximate regional borders have been calculated and mapped.
    [size=85]P.S. Even if after update you see old starmap, click on it RMB => Open Picture, and then click Ctrl + F5[/size]

I had thought that your map was going to be a map we could use inside the campaign game, similar to but larger than Ekalin’s map “Atellian Expanse”.


Do you have any plans for that or is your map solely meant as an RPG map?

This map is too grand to create a normal campaign from… It will take a really long time to create a 3000+ campaign map…

i approve of the position of the Reva nebula. however, you have to keep in mind that this is an old imperial area and the rebel terretory should be between this and order terretory.

also, i would like it if the deserters were marked with this or this colour

EDIT: actually…

this would make sense to me.

You’ve said yourself that, Deserters fled to outskirts of the galaxy far away from every living soul.
Also, locations for the Order and Rebels is up to Archduke Astro… He is the main storyteller about Original Races…
And… don’t forget about scales…
Earth’s diameter is 12,756 km…
Astronomical Unit (au) is 149,598,000 km…
Light Year (ly) is 9,460,528,400,000 km…
Each sector on map is 100x100 Light Years…
Let’s choose sizes very carefully…

Okay, was pretty hard to decide what territory will be ocupied by Praetorian Industries, and i have 2 final options, i like more the option 2 but at the same time i dont like any of them, first because PI have not a territory that covers so many lightyears, they have only 4 starsystems VERY close each other (4 to 10 lightyears). The colour of the territory Fits with the colour of the energy that PI has, yellow and black gray are secondary for this.
Here are my chosed locations, i think that i’m finally decided for the option 2:
I have only one request, can you recolour the 4 stars of the option 2 according with the Starmap on my PI Mod Topic? I would love that =D
The distortion field range needs to appear on the map, since that is the REAL, and under absolute control of PI territory. Also the rest of the green territory is under the control of PI but without too many restrictions for traveling ships (a fleet can pass for that territory without problems, but if they try to pass throught the distortion field, they will be gone forever and everyone in the universe will think that they were other poor victims of that “Anomaly” in the Argena Cluster)

You can write the territory name in yellow or in greenish yellow if you want, i leave that to you ^^

Oh yeah, if this is going to be like a metagame, i cannot say that i will be here for every event of this, PI may be on danger :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, I LOVE what you have made =D

EDIT: Oh yeah, the link to the mod viewtopic.php?f=23&t=5698 xD

our galaxy is about 100,000 light years in diamater. our galaxy holds mabye about 100,000,000,000 stars. the average galaxy is about 10 times smaller than ours.

this would mean that 100 squares of that map is about the size of an average galaxy.

that map is large enough to contain almost 3 galaxies!

now, i picked this info from nasa.gov, but i may have misunderstood some things. but as far as i understand, its too large. i would decrease the size of each square to be 50x50 light years or remake the entire thing to look like a galaxy and use the galactic coordinate system except relative to the galactic core, rather than a single star like ours.

this is just a suggestion (which will probably not happen, because you have put down far too much effort into this)

All you see here is just Flattened version of the Universe, and not it’s 11-Dimensional projection :slight_smile: The real size of it is written in here, at this post :slight_smile:

Today i was feeling that something was missing in this map, and finally found what… Coordinates =)
Can you add them? It may make our future easier in some way.

I just cannot wait to see PI in the map :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way, does the music is suitable for the map? :slight_smile:

History updated, rules were added. Global Warfare is NOT started.

May I claim an area for The Hope?

Sure you can :slight_smile:

I would like to claim an area for the Matmos Rift, if I may. Specifically, the bright slash of energy in the upper left corner looks like it might be the Rift itself to me.

Links to mod forum threads below.

Development thread:


Story thread:


EDIT: Here’s a picture:

The orange area in the corner would then be the “unreachable” area behind the Rift.

Would this region be alright? That star (blue light) is a spectral type O hypergiant with an absolute magnitude of -69
[size=200]([/size][size=50]which I know is impossible so, my explanation is… [/size][size=200]MAGIC!)[/size]. The Hope’s mothership is based in orbit around it, on alert to defend its precious territory.

Claim accepted and established :slight_smile:
Orange area are still reachable, if ships will fly around and at distance 3-5 ly.
You forgot to chose your color :slight_smile:

Your color is black?
It’s too close to PI territories… Do you have any alternative places you can accept? Maybe something very remote and silent like 30:22 or 34:19, or 39:10?
P.S. If you’re adding custom stars and images, then send me a PSD file :slight_smile:

Hey randy, and what about sector 22;43 (x;y right? :P) Seems like there is a HUGE star in there, and i think that a red star fits with the colour of your WIP insane-supra-giga huge ship =D
(PI do not wants instanely sized territorial problems =B)

EDIT: oh, in 02;06 there is an even bigger star, and it is blue as you wanted (and it is closer to PI)

By “unreachable” I was referring to the description in the Matmos Rift story thread. The area behind the Rift isn’t actually out-of-bounds, just turbulent enough to give everyone the notion that it’s not worth their while. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yellow would definitely be the Rift’s color.

(And for reference, the Midnight Pulsar is noted due to its mention in the Matmos backstory. It’s just a nearby location.)

Actually, the Matmos Rift is the “race” name. It’s … kinda complicated. Read the backstory and it makes sense. :wink:

Very eerie music. I like it! Although it’s kinda creepy when it’s just barely audible, oozing from the headphones attached to my work computer. :slight_smile:

@AcePalarum: Does the Mamoth Rift itself (location on starmap) have some anomalous activity? If yes please tell it in two-five words so I will write it on the map…

Not sure what you mean by anomalous; the Matmos Rift itself appears to be sentient (and has recently become hostile). It has a turbulence zone around it due to the Rift’s fluctuating size. Not sure what else you might be getting at …