Can someone explain this to me?

I’m full green on equality, have 0 poor (tho a line and a half at the “poor” meter on top of the screen), and I just recieved a Report saying I’m one of the worst equalitarian society on earth!

Two months after, without any change being brought to, well, anything, I recieve a report saying wow because poverty is so low.

This seems to make no sense to me

This sounds like a bug to me. This is a comment in the quarterly report screen that you get each turn? Is it the first turn of a game after loading a game maybe?
If you know the exact text, that would really help.

ah I think I’ve tracked this down. Im updating the full version, and a patch for the full version is here:


hopefully this will solve this issue
I’ll test it and comment to you

Hum… it would seem your patch has made my game go haywire.

It’s like if the difficulty level has just gone way up (and I checked the sliders: it didn’t move).

Things that were going well aren’t anymore. Capitalist, who were relatively happy with me, aren’t anymore at all (they formed a coup). I was way up in Technological advance, but now I’m barely above the blue line, etc.

And btw, the game still indicates version 1.4 b, instead of “c” as it should be

ah the b is just a silly mistake, it is really c. Are you continuing with a previous saved game? or starting a new game.
The patch fixes a bug where certain simulation values (the ones at the top) were not being calculated correctly. If you start a new game from scratch, is this making the game too difficult?
I’m rpesuming that this fixes the bug concerning the equality report triggering wrongly, is that the case?
Sorry about these problems.

continuing a saved game

Yeah, I haven’t had the wrong equality report again so far.

So I guess the reason it got difficult with the “c” was that “b” actually put it to easy. From the gameplay I had, it does make sense. I had the feeling my game had become to easy with “b”

I had to take some radical actions to bring back the game under control (cancelling certain policies, etc), but now it’s pretty much ok.

ah thats good to hear!