Equipment uptime, reliability and maintenance

All production points would have a reliability value and an adjustable maintenance schedule. The more often the production point gets maintenance, the more reliable it is, the less maintenance it gets, the less reliable.

Here are the trade offs: Scheduled maintenance takes a fixed amount of time, say 3 minutes. The reliability operates on: After every process there is an increasing chance of a failure, maintenance reduces this back to zero. If there is a production unit failure, that production station has to be repaired and is stopped for a random amount of time (2-15 minutes).

Technology improvements reduces the chances the cumulative chance of failure for each process, so less maintenance is required.

That means you also need a maintenance staff that is deployed for scheduled maintenance and repairs.

Thats actually quite a nice idea. I like the idea that there could be failures and therefore delays on the line.

Could add in a maintenance office that has to be put into one of the office areas. More maintenance offices the more things get maintained and the less they break.