Ok, hello^_^
So I’m having some problem with the game, I heard some great things about this game and I wanted to try it out myself (I haven’t had the chance to play it yet :cry:), so my friend help me buy the game online from Reflexive Arcade, so I installed it and blah, blah, blah,… but when I try to play it, it was like stuck.

I double click on the icon in my desktop and waited for it to load, when it was loading The page was totally white except for a black bar on the bottom right hand of the screen, when it finish loaded the screen keeps flashing and whenever the mouse pointer move it leaves clones of it and they’re stuck on the screen.
When I click learn how to play I can see the picture of the person clearly more or less but when I click start playing an error D3d appeared.
So I try finding out what the problem is and I found this site and I read the other post and I read that a few had people also had my problem and solving them by updating their driver. I also did that but my problem isn’t fix yet. I still can’t play the game.

My adapter is NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 Model 64/Model 64 pro by the way^_^
I really like this game even though I haven’t played it yet… So, can you guys help me out?

Buy a new video card.

Try updating your video card drivers.

I did that already but it still doesn’t work.

Hi, that’s a very very old card, it will likely have some problems with the game.

Oh i see…
Then should I buy a new one?

unfortunately yes. even a very very cheap one should be mroe than good enough.

Sigh… Ok then:D Thank you!!