Error 36: GSB works not!

Hey all -
Been through the existing posts, but the solutions thus far for Error 36 have proved regrettably ineffective!

“Error 36. Please contact tech Support:…\src\winmain.cpp 45”

Symptom: Game doesn’t start.


  • Reinstalled GSB.
  • Removed My Documents GSB folder.
  • Cold reboot. (Also rebooted between reinstallations)
  • Reinstalled GFX drivers.

Worked before: Yes
What Changed:

  • Installed Logitech Setpoint 4.80.103
  • Plugged in USB headset (detects as separate sound driver) - Has been removed, computer rebooted, and game reinstalled to no effect.

Only other anomaly I noticed is that another program reset its’ video settings recently - a known “weird thing” with the game, but still an oddity.
CPU: AMD 6000+
RAM: 3gb
GPU: nVidia GeForce 8800GTS 320mb (driver: 190.62)


I have it installed on my laptop and desktop and both copies started getting this error simultaneously.

One is a Vista machine and the other Win XP.

What’s the deal?

This is a really old version, and the bug has been fixed in newer ones. If you redownload the game using your download link again it will run fine. Sorry about that!

I found that if you get an error 36, patching to 1.14 will fix it. Of course,that means accessing the patch without the ingame update.

Hmm I did not get a patch notification email. could I get one sent to me?

the original purchase email one.

Hey Clif, I’m getting this too, and I had 1.10 working. I didnt run the game for a while but got the urge to blow crap up and update the game. It worked before, like the previous guy, and now all of the sudden I am getting this same error. Should I try re-downloading it too? (I also attempted a re-install from my install archive.

yup, just re-download and it should be 1.14 and working

Hey guys, hate to necro a bit, but I have the same problem and I no longer have my download link. Is there another place to download it?

perhaps cliff could re-send it to you for free? of course, it might need proof that you had it before, but the decision is cliff’s to make, not mine

Got the email just last night, thanks cliff!