Error 41 \src\game.cpp 242

Error 41 \src\game.cpp 242 crash on startup, ever since this happened.

What happened was, I made a big deployment in a corner of the screen, then clicked ‘save deployment’ and I got this error.

Now the game won’t run at all, Error 41 \src\game.cpp 242 as soon as loading screen hits.

I too am getting this message at startup. The only difference is that I just pre-ordered the game so I have not actually run the game successfully yet. I hope the fix is easy because I would love to try this game out it looks very cool.

After looking through this thread viewtopic.php?f=21&t=2537 it looks like the changing the current time to before 8:00pm Aug 31 fixes the issue and allows the game to start.

I can confirm this. Was getting the error, came to this thread, changed the date/time and the game starts fine now.

I changed the time to before 8pm and I’m still getting the error message.

Try going back further. For me its before 7pm and I am CST.

Same error here too.

I have the same problem too. I got it to work this morning by changing the clock to August 30th (same time of day). I’m using Windows Vista 64 if that makes a difference.

Edit: Whoops, sorry, didn’t notice it was already slated as fixed for the next release on the sticky.

This is fixed now (AFAIK). download the latest installer, or run the game and it should autopatch to version 101 now.

I can confirm that the latest patch corrects this – at least for me. Thanks, Cliff! Now my timestamps won’t be traveling in the Tardis.

It looks like the issue is popping up again for me. I tried changing my date time to see if that would fix it but alas it did not. I can confirm that once the patch went out I had not troubles starting the game. I gave it a break for the day while I went to school/work came home and the issue started up again.

I uninstalled and redownloaded the game and this fixed the issue.