Error loading with Full HD

Hi there,
I can not load the game with error
Failed to initialize 3D Engine…\src\Game.cpp 306.
I have tested the game on windows server 2003 1280x1024 at work and it was working fine.

Tomer Bar-Shlomo
Web Database Designer Developer & Administrator

After reading at realizing that I was using full HD 1920x1080 too I rared the …\Documents\My Games\GratuitousSpaceBattles\debug folder into I am using 4D Quad SLI Graphics Cards PCI-E 2 x GTX 295 1792Mb DDR3 with no problems with other game emgines especially in 2D games.
I have reviewed the debug info myself and the resolution identified is wrong 1536 x 864 and non standard too might causing the problem why don’t you let me use full HD if I can support it and if you insist on selecting lower resolution use HD ready 1360x768 which is a well known standard.

Tomer Bar-Shlomo
Web Database Designer Developer & Administrator

Hi. I’m not sure why some machines seem to be reporting this wrongly, but if you delete
\my documents\my games\gratuitous spacve battles
and re-run it, it should run ok.

And please, use the stickeyed post at the top of the support forum. It covers this error.

after setting pref.ini the game works like a charm thank you.

You’re welcome!

I can run the game at windowed mode 1280x1024 or 800x600 or 1024x768 yet the game menu is at the bottom of the screen so it is not visible at all resolutions where the aspect ratio is not 4:3 like in full hd. At Full screen the bottom menu is viable…