Error locking VB at startup

I bought this game some years ago from a game portal, and it was great except for some bugs that couldn’t be fixed since I didn’t get it from Positech (serves me right, but I didn’t know any better then). So I’m thinking of buying it again and just downloaded the demo. However, when I try to open the game, it crashes with the following error message:

“Please check publishers website for tech support details: [Error locking VB]”

Can anyone tell me what this means and whether it can be fixed so I can run the demo? I have a new computer with a GTX 285 video card and updated drivers (really–I just updated them a few days ago).

I had just emailed cliff, and unfortunately, there is no fix as of right now. The problem also occurred with an earlier version of Democracy 2, but that was fixed. The problem is likely to be the NVIDIA drivers. :frowning:

Download the latest NVIDIA drivers(197.25) and it is fixed! WHooooo

if that doesnt work, try here: