Error Message


just bought Democracy 2 and tried running, but there is an error message when starting the game:

D3D Engine Error. Check publishers website for support [SetDisplayMode]

I know that I’m using a Mac with Parallels (Win XP), but there are nice games with less requirements I can play on the XP installation on Parallels. Maybe it’s only a minor thing I hope.


the game tries to run at 1024 by 768 in 32 bit color by default, and it sounds like your machine is having trouble doing that. No idea what would cause a problem, but tbh I don’t know how the setup you describe works ;( Did the demo work?

So I just had to use the full screen mode of Parallels and then it worked fine. Thank you!!

Nice game for a political scientist like me. :wink:

I had the same problem, but when I put it in fullscreen and changed the resolution, it gave a different error message on startup: [createdevice(d3d7)]
Any suggestions?

Hi, another user had that same error, but fixed it by updating their video card drivers. That is certainly worth a try.