error message

i successfully downloaded the demo version of democracy 2, but when i tried running it i got an error message saying
“D3Dengine error
please check publisher’s website for tech support details[setdisplaymode]”
so i went to tech support, and it suggested downlaoding the newest driver for my video card. so i did, but now i’m still getting this same error. i have a nvidia geforce 7600 GS. any ideas?

Hi, is this under XP or vista, because if it is, the game may benefit from being run in ‘compatibility mode’ as an older version, even though it was designed under vista. TBH, it sounds like a bug in your video card drivers, so maybe this was a recently introduced bug (in which case older drivers may not have it).

yeah its under XP. i think it might have to do with my monitor. my monitor is limited to 1280 by 720. i’m not sure what reosolution the game requires, but that may be te problem.

yeah apperantly this was the problem. i tried playing the game with a monitor that allower 1280 by 1040 and the game ran fine on the same cpu.