Error Message

I modded some new books and my others have worked out fine but these ones cause this error and the game to crash.
The error:

The code for the books that cause this error:

#,sim_book,LearnHowToSingWell,Learn how to sing well,"Tips and techniques for being a good singer.",book_songbook.bmp,71,100,,40.9,0,"STEALABLE,SELLABLE,REBUYABLE",,250,showdetails,#,"tiredness,-0.18,0.5","acting_singing,0.04,1.0","boredom,0.1,0.25",#,
#,sim_book,BasicActing,Basic Acting,"An introduction to acting.",book_actingbook.bmp,71,100,,49.9,0,"STEALABLE,SELLABLE,REBUYABLE",,410,showdetails,#,"tiredness,-0.18,0.5","acting_basic,0.04,1.0","boredom,0.1,0.25",#,
#,sim_book,BowlingSkills,Bowling Skills,books,"Tips and methods for being a great bowler and avoiding gutterbowls",book_bowling.bmp,71,100,,25,0,"STEALABLE,SELLABLE,REBUYABLE",,240,showdetails,#,"stress,-0.07,0.7","tiredness,-0.18,0.5","bowling,0.02,1.0",#,

The bitmaps in the code for those books are in their correct location and named correctly so I’m not sure what the problem is.

I’m not using the official version of Kudos but my 2 other books I modded work fine and so do many other mods from other people I’ve added. So I don’t think it’s related to not having the official website copy. I think perhaps I made a mistake in the coding of these books somehow.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

take a look at the file in the debugdata folder called drawdebug.txt, it might have more information on what image it was looking for. If you made a formatting error in the mods, it might be a column out of synch and thus thinking something else is the image instead.

That doesn’t seem to be the issue any more because when I try to use the first one I get this error.

The other two just cause the game to crash in general.

These seem to work OK :stuck_out_tongue:

#,sim_book,LearnHowToSingWell,Learn How To Sing Well,books,"Tips and techniques for being a good singer.",XXXXXX.bmp,71,100,,40,0,"STEALABLE,SELLABLE,REBUYABLE",,250,showdetails,#,#,"tiredness,-0.18,0.5","acting_singing,0.04,1.0","boredom,0.1,0.25",#,
#,sim_book,BasicActing,Basic Acting,books,"An Introduction to acting.",XXXXXX.bmp,71,100,,49,0,"STEALABLE,SELLABLE,REBUYABLE",,410,showdetails,#,#,"tiredness,-0.18,0.5","acting_basic,0.04,1.0","boredom,0.1,0.25",#,
#,sim_book,BowlingSkills,Bowling Skills,books,"Tips and methods for being a great bowler and avoiding gutterbowls",XXXXXX.bmp,71,100,,25,0,"STEALABLE,SELLABLE,REBUYABLE",,240,showdetails,#,#,"stress,-0.07,0.7","tiredness,-0.18,0.5","bowling,0.02,1.0",#,

I haven’t got your bitmaps so had to sub them with something else.
Don’t forget to change the XXXXXX.bmp to your own.

If you look thru the code there are some slight differences.
I shan’t tell you what they are tho !! :laughing:

HTH 8)

Well now the game isn’t crashing but it seems you need to start a new character with these books or the game crashes. However none of them increase any of the skills they are supposed to.