Error. Please help...

When I start the game I get an error message that says: “D3D Error” and [setdisplaymode]. I tried hitting properties and running the game in compatibility mode, but it didn’t work. I ran the game on my laptop and it was fine, and of course I made the stupid mistake of BUYING it on my PC :blush: . I’m running XP with an Nvidia GeForce 6600. Please help! Thanks

Hi, this sounds like a driver problem. I’m surprised this is happening with an nvdia card, but maybe its a ne low-end one that cant handle the display mode. I strongly recommend updating your video card drivers.
The game has to run in 1024 x 768. Almost any laptop can do this, but some need newer drivers, especially if they are widescreen ones.

Can you load the game on more than one computer, if you’ve bought it? I can’t remember if the licence said anything about that. It might be worth trying, if that would let you play it.

turns out I can work it on my laptop. I found out by doing a little digging around here. Thanks muchly! 8)