Error: Political Parties Wrong

When i select the country i want to run, i used to get the names of the political parties of that country on the next screen but since installing the mods the names of the political parties i can choose for that country are now wrong. I have deactivated the mods and there is no change. Tried deleting the mods but the delete option won’t delete the mod…

Bump up.

I don’t have the same problem but it’s similar.
I bought the game yesterday, so i did not have the time to try all it’s possibility.
But one thing i remark, is that all political parties offered are European, even if i choose Canada as my country.
Maybe it’s because i play in french…

Anyway, i saw that there is a lot of mod of different country offered on your website.
Do these mod contain their own political parties or will they take the default one?

thank in advance for any response.
Have a good day!

The political parties names have always been the same for Democracy 3. They don’t change per country, they are consistent throughout all nations.

Mods are unable to change the names of the political parties.

List of political parties are as follows:

The Liberal Democrats The Social Democrats The Jehovah Party The Democratic Conservatives The Liberal Party The Conservatives The Republicans The Democrats The Justice Party The Freedom Party The National Unity Party The Green Party The Liberal Coalition The Peoples Party The Peoples Front The Popular Front The National Front The Peoples Popular Front The Labour Party The Independence Party The Reform Party The Democratic Union The Democratic Movement The Peoples Movement The Socialist Party The Socialist Coalition The Liberal Front The Secular Party

Delete the data you have in the “My Games” folder, uninstall, reinstall. Might have been corrupted.