ERROR: Unit Zephyrus Cruiser hull

Hello Everyone,

I’m trying to get my GSB to run and every time I open it I’m getting an error

“Ship Hull not found -> Unit Zephyrus Cruiser hull:…\src\SIM_ShipHull.cpp 509”

Any advise what I can do to correct this error? The program won’t open to allow it to search for updates. I’ve uninstalled and re-installed it already yet I get the same error.



Greetings Radian,

Short Answer: The error is generated due to a missing mod (The Ship Addon for Unity if memory serves). to resolve the issue either re-enable the mod or remove the ship designs that are in error and your good to go.

Long Answer: When the game starts it loads up all your ships. If the game can not find a hull, module, weapon etc for that ship the game will not load.
to solve this you need to either:

  • Re-enable the mod which has the missing module/ship (in this case its the Ship Addon pack for the Unity Mod)


  • Remove the ship designs that are using modules/hulls that no longer exist. (you will have to head to \Documents\My Games\GratuitousSpaceBattles\ships)


  • reinstall the mod - the Zephyrus Cruiser was a Addon for the Unity Mod.