error with mod?

i get this


can someone give me a dl of the sound and where to put it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the forum.

Can you please be more specific with your bug report? At present, you’re not giving anyone else enough data to help you. :stuck_out_tongue:

What mod are you using?

the fansity fleet mod the one with the Space Battleship Yamato! (it relly does not have that good rang with her turrets…) so ya every new turret it fires and that comes up and GSB crash : /

As the author for Fantasy Fleet mod (hopefast) has not visited the forum for quite some time, it would probably be faster for you to track down the source of the error yourself.

Here’s How.

  • Find the ship that is causing the error.
  • Make a list of the weapons that are used by the ship
  • inspect the weapon files and look at what sounds they are using.
  • check to see that you have those sound files.
  • if you dont, edit the weapon.

i tryed that the ships are fine but all the new weapons crash the game when they fire!

If every new weapon that comes with the Fantasy Fleet mod crashes the game, then choose one of the weapons and start from there.
Was the sound file missing ?
Was it there ?
Was the path correct ?
and so on and so forth . . . .

now the game crashes compleatly…

Just in case, the debug reports are found \My Documents\My Games\GratuitousSpaceBattles\debug for a windows installation . .
Without any information on what the game is reporting when it crashes, there is not much anyone can do except suggest possible solutions

error code

1/10/2014 - 6::30 - Untranslated HRESULT
1/10/2014 - 6::30 - D3DXCreateEffectFromFile failed
1/10/2014 - 6::32 - Untranslated HRESULT
1/10/2014 - 6::32 - D3DXCreateEffectFromFile failed
1/10/2014 - 6::32 - ERROR - FMOD[Failed to create sound] (23) File not found.
:…\src\GUI_Sounds.cpp 661

Right, so we are back where we started. As you mentioned earlier, you are missing a sound file. But unfortunately the error message can not tell us which one. So it is up to you to find what is missing

I would suggest you do the following:

  • Delete all Final Fantasy (FF) ships \My Documents\My Games\GratuitousSpaceBattles\ships
  • Disable the FF mod (GSB\data\installs\ rename “Final Fantasy.txt” to “Final”
  • Run GSB

If the game does not crash then we are certain that the FF mod is causing the issue. (it does not hurt to check these things)

If we are sure where the error is

  • Enable the FF mod
  • make a ship with one turret from that mod (Place a ton of armour and shields so it stays around in the fight)
  • Play GSB against a vanilla fleet

If it crashes:

  • inspect the weapon files and look at what sounds they are using.
  • check to see that you have those sound files.
  • if you dont, edit the weapon.

If/when it does not crash

  • edit that ship with another weapon
  • rinse repeat.

Once you have a handle on how the weapon files work you can go through the code for the rest of weapons and inspect the sound files.

Last and most important step.
Report your findings back here so that others can benefit from your knowledge

i installed it by moveing everything into the game also it says this

30/9/2014 - 9::5 - Untranslated HRESULT
30/9/2014 - 9::5 - D3DXCreateEffectFromFile failed
30/9/2014 - 9::6 - Untranslated HRESULT
30/9/2014 - 9::6 - D3DXCreateEffectFromFile failed
30/9/2014 - 9::8 - Untranslated HRESULT
30/9/2014 - 9::8 - D3DXCreateEffectFromFile failed
30/9/2014 - 9::9 - Untranslated HRESULT
30/9/2014 - 9::9 - D3DXCreateEffectFromFile failed

Hmm. Based on your method of install there is possibility of an incorrect installation. Therefore i stongly advocate my earlier instructions as it will quickly determine if this is the case or not.

so…how do i put it in the right way?

Normally modders will leave a set of installation instructions so i would suggest you “read the manual” as it were.
In absence of how to install the mod, have a look at the file setup in the mod and install accordingly (use the DLC and other mods as a guide to the directory layout)

Please note this may or may not resolve the issue. Until you determine the source of the answer we can only suggest probable solutions.

that was the problem…all fixed!

Well done & your welcome :slight_smile: