Hi can someone help me please, every time i start to play a new game i get an error saying that D3D engine cant locate texture. :frowning:

Anyone know what the problem is?

Some questions:

Does it say which texture youโ€™re missing?
Have you tried installing any mods to the game, or is it a clean install? If you had installed mods previously and deleted them, some older files from the mods may still be sticking around in your My Documents folder

Which Operating System are you using?
Do you have the latest version of the game?

Thanks for the reply sambrookjm. Its a clean install of version 1.06. I am using Windows XP. It doesnt say which texture is missing. :frowning:

Hi, it sounds like the shortcut to run the game is faulty. i recommend re-downloading and reinstalling from scratch, that will get you a much newer version and it should be fine. You can reuse the link from your purchase email