this STUPID error appears on my face and it dosent make sense

module type not foud -»cruiser_pulse_Beam:…\srd\sim_ship module type.cpp 272


If memory serves i think this error has something to do with a missing module called “cruiser_pulse_Beam”
At a guess i would say that one of your ship designs in the SRD mod is using a module that has been deleted or renamed.

To fix this problem:

  • Find the module formerly known as “cruiser_pulse_Beam” and change the name back
  • create a dummy module called “cruiser_pulse_Beam” and find the ships that are using that module
  • Find the ship that uses the module and remove or edit the file so it no longer uses “cruiser_pulse_Beam”

Then the error will no longer appear on your face . .

i reinstalled GSB but it gives me the same error? i need help

Did you try deleting the GSB folder in your documents? That’s where the game stores your ship designs.

I still think that the problem is that you are useing modded content that is no longer there.

One of these options should work:


place this file in your \Gratuitous Space Battles\data\modules directory for a temporary fix until you find the ship that uses this weapon (850 Bytes)