Errors in manual

I’d started to list a few grammar errors I found when reading the manual but got rapidly overwhelmed by them. They all seem to be of the form “it’s” when there should be an “its” apart from one instance. Basically “it’s” should only be used where you could use the words “it is” instead, and not to indicate something is owned by something else.

Example from page 2 at the bottom:
“You can see the current efficiency of a module by hovering your mouse over it’s location on the ship.”

The exception is page 3, 2nd paragraph of “Shields, Armor and Hitpoints”:
Average armor is the total armor strength of all the ships armor modules, divided by it’s number of modules
Should be “ship’s”*, and I suspect “the number” would fit better than “its number”

If it’s useful I can list them all but given that it’s a matter of doing a search on “it’s” and mentally checking if it makes sense as “it is” it would take longer for me to type meaningful directions than it would take to redo the search - it works out at around 1 mistake every page or so. I also noticed errors of this type in tutorial text but a) I can’t run the game right now (in the middle of something that means changing my date is a bad idea) and b) Even more than with the manual, it would be easier for the dev with access to the text resources to check than for me to. Although again, I will if it would be helpful

*The only non-“it’s” related error I noticed so far