Escape Key Irritation

Could I request that you please not have the Escape key exit from the deployment screen discarding all changes without warning? I’ve done this three times now, when all I wanted to do was cancel Mass Deploy mode, and losing all my work is extremely irritating.

Firstly, Escape should cancel Mass Deploy mode! Secondly, why discard changes? Deployment should never be discarded, returning to the deployment screen should always show the deployment as you last had it (including difficulty setting, ideally). If that isn’t what you want, you can clear it, or load one you’ve saved manually. Just auto-save to an invisible deployment file whenever exiting the deployment screen (either back to the menu, through entering the battle, or closing the game entirely), then auto-load that file when returning.


I’ve never clicked escape by mistake, so I didn’t even know it discarded changes.

However, I agree with the saving of the last deployment whenever exiting the screen. For example, if I make a mistake with a command and see it right upon entering the fight, I’d like everything to stay as I left it, not as it was mabually saved for the last time.

In regards to saving the deployment, I’d like to see this happen automatically anyway. Named deployments are fine, but it’s frustrating to make a deployment, play out the battle, return to deployment and your deployment has reverted to whatever it was last saved as. It’s frustrating and unintuitive enough that I would actually classify it as a bug (I doubt it was intentional).

This this this…THIS!!! I do it all the time in deployment and end up on main menu without warning only to find my fleet gone when I get back. I’ve gotten up and walked away from the game a few times and done something else as a result.

Oh yes, please save the deployment automatically… at least the most recently used one. I’ve gotten into the habit of saving it before getting into a battle, but it would be nice not to remember to do that each time and then have to reload it replacing the default deployment every time.