Escort and Keep Moving

Hi all,

I have been playing the betas and have greatly enjoyed the “Keep Moving” command when it was added for retaining the speed defence it gives to my frigates in particular.

However as Keep Moving is not combinable with Escorts I now do not see any point in escorting Cruisers with my frigates. They will now happily wander about until the Cruiser comes into contact with the enemy, then rush to engage the enemy and then stop dead - becomming toast very shortly afterward, rather than keep moving and maintain some level of defense.

Even if the escorted ship wanders off out of escort range the escorts seem to be quite happy to stay put and slug it out, abandoning their charge.

Given that the Keep Moving command is so important to speed based defense it seems odd to lose this when a) an escorted ship actually engages the enemy and b) if formation leader dies (formation disbands but cannot “keep moving”). Note that up until the “Keep Moving” formation leader dies, the follower effectivly keeps moving thereby gaining the movement order by proxy.

Can I suggest that Keep Moving is available for Escort as a valid option and rusulting in either a) maintains combat distance to enemy while moving or b) maintaining orbit around escorted ship while moving and in combat.

Also could I suggest that Keep Moving is also valid for Formation, but does not activate unless its formation link is broken.

Thanks for listening

I support this. Escort frigates need to not just sit still getting blasted; they should keep moving in the vicinity of their designated escortee as best they can while fighting.

Crazy lame newbie idea: setting teh big ships to “scort” the small ships? could this work?

Unfortunately Teiman the escort ships need to be at least as fast as the ship they are escorting or else the escorts are left beind.