Ethic Minorites Problem

If you choose America, within a few turns, even if you don’t change anything, you end up getting shot by Black Panther group or something. I feel like America’s race problems are not bad, especially if you don’t even change anything.

i also have this problem, i have played 4 games as the US and been assassinated every time within the first term.

Interesting, I shall investigate if some of the initial settings there might be a bit wrong…

i cannot remember 100% what each play through was, but i played US 4 times consecutively to try and “fix” the issue using a mixture of immigration laws, fixing ghettos, removing citizenship tests, maxing out foreign aid and several other things over each game. it always ended with a rifle shot.

I’ll see if i still have a save game to send over…

race discrimination act (!), community policing, citizenship test, border controls, plus general anti crime

This mix always works for me.

The problem is that things that reduce immigration tend to increase racial tensions, but you still need to do it.
Maybe try it and tell me what you think.

I have played 8 games and I have been assassinated every time. Seven by capitalist groups once by liberal groups.