:? EU crashes?

Whenever I select the EU to play, the game crashes.

It loads a little, then beeps and freezes. I can’t alt-tab or crt-alt-del either, so I have to hit the power. It’s only the case with the EU.

the EU was a user-made modded level, but I managed to load it ok and check it out. Is anyone else having this problem?

yep, not sure whats wrong. Portugal works fine.

how strange. can someone email me the debugdata files from when its crashed like that, as I cant reproduce a problem here.

Yeah, Portugal’s fine. My prototype NZ seems fine too…

do you all have the latest version? I cant see why its going wrong. If you just start the game and select it before playing any other levels, does that make a difference?

Hmm, I just recalled what may have caused a problem.

Yesterday, I did the first update I have done (since buying the game 2/3? days ago). It did Portugal, and then I decided I couldn’t be bothered waiting for another big bitmap to load, so it stopped it. Of course, stooping involves hitting the power. A wee bit later, I decided to re-get the EU files, and hit update again, though it downloaded them fine. Could that have contributed?

Its a strong possibility. of course the best way to check is to reinstall the game and then redownload everything. This is the ‘first pass’ at an auto-updater. When kudos is released, I’ll hope to have a more elegant one that will allow you to cancel downloads, select individual updates etc etc. Once I know that works, I’ll make the changes in Democracy.
Let me know if a reinstall and download does not fix it.