EU laws

Hello community and Cliff! In the game there are positive (euro) and negative (EU contribution) situations regarding the European Union but there are no laws. Now I propose some laws / dilemmas and you if you want to comment and suggest other laws / dilemmas:

-European currency law:
As a good Brit Cliff knows that when the UK was in the EU it didn’t have the euro, a dilemma has to have 2 simple options:

  1. Don’t join the euro
  2. Join the euro

-Schengen area: a dilemma with the same options as the euro law just changed a bit:

  1. Do not join the Schengen area
  2. Join the Schengen area

-Hiring a president in the European parliament:
Do you have a nation with high foreign relations? With the highest human development in the world? This dilemma appears to you that gives you 2 names of presonages, one patriot and one socialist liberal (or even others) to put in the European parliament as president. Either choice will lift your foreign relations.

-Hiring a president at the ECB:
Same thing as the above dilemma

So on with the European bodies (Court of Auditors, European Commission, etc …)

Speak up, you too Cliff if you can, I know you’re busy! That was all.

See you later!


The thing is that you cannot join the EU and not join the Eurozone. You are required by the European Union to also join the Eurozone if you want to join the EU.

Read here: Who can join and when? | European Commission

I’m not sure that this is accurate. I seem to remember some perfectly civil and rational discussion about the UK’s membership in the EU and they always had the pound.

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