Eve-online mod, Caldari and Gallente done

There should be a txt file called Eve-online.txt that needs to go into the “install” folder within the Data folder I do not have an auto installer for my mod I’m not that advanced just yet. I should have put that in there somewhere in the zipped file. I will make it so when i get the new textures from my partner in crime.

Glad that your all excited for my mod and I hope that we can crank this out and get going. Also I did not know about the guy in the fighters but thats Kicking that they did that. It takes massive skills to make that happen.

Lone Starr

Thank you very much, that did fix it! Im sure that if I had gotten a little more sleep the last couple days I would have noticed there wasn’t a text file point to the mods files, now I just feel silly. Thanks again :wink:

the gallente or mimitar would probly be the best races to do next seeing as they both share half there weaponry with the caldari. and what about the doomsday weapons for titans?

please do gallente next, just for your resident decadent and insane gallente freak :smiley:
i may not be posting much, but im still lurking in the shadows… watching…

doomsday weapons would just be large slow fire rate beam lasers wouldn’t they? at least the current version would be. dont know how you would do the old aoe version. anyways the people have finally spoken so gallente next it is.

each domsday was diffrent for each race. for caldari there titan luanches thousands of missles at once and gudies them towards a single target. the amar have a gaint lazer. the mimitar have giant rockets. and the gallente have some sort of dark matter beam.

Zayack is right about that for BOTH the ols Area style and the new directed versions.

It is possablie to make the doomsday weapons BUT it will take time to get them ballanced and working right, and as of now I’m the programer and Severian-void is the texture model expert.

Lone Starr

yeah as you can see from my response i dont have a clue how it would all work heh heh. good thing you know how to do it Lonestar. sent you a link for the most recent image pack just 7 more ships left to complete it. then we are 25% of the way there. well unless we add some special stuff…

I would liek to get a proof of concept out then we can add in the special stuff in the full release. Muhahahaha

i have a question will you be doing the t2 varints of ships(logis,HACs recons black ops ect.) or just the standard versions and will you add stratigic crusisers

you know i was thinking about that the other day. from the graphics perspective t2 variants i don’t see being too difficult its just a different skin maybe a slightly different model not that hard. but strategic cruisers are a whole different story. since all the ships in gsb are individual image files and there is no way to combine them. you would have to make a ship image for each different combination of subsystems if you wanted to have all the different subsystems in. 5 subsystems 4 choices for each = 4^5 combination’s or 1024 possible options. you could just do a couple 2-4 of the most useful/common combos i suppose. also some subsystem have no use in GSBs things like the interdiction nullifier and the one that gives that scanning bonus’s so that would knock the number down some more i suppose. best answer i can think of though is maybe later but for the moment i think just getting the 4 races and t1 ships done is enough for the moment though tbh Lonestar has the final say in the matter since he has to do most of the work. its easy to add things in later as well so no problem with making expansions.

Just like CCP did with Eve-online We are going to get it working with just hte T1 ships witht he exception of the steathbombers becasue those are just kickin! I reamber a Eve-online where there was only frigates, cruisers, battleships and industral ships, There was no assault frigs, interceptors, convert ops, mining barges, frieghters, or capital ships at all. And I’ve watched each new ship class come in and gain fame and die off.

SOOoooo in honor of the way CCP and eve-online evloved We are doing the same. With exceptions of choose, But Also I might hold off ALL the capital ships for the moment untill We find the best way to deal with them and the em shock effect. Weather to make it a mini-mod were all ships get small and the capitals are the size of cruisers now, Or if Severian-void does his image magic and I do my program magic and make them bigger.

It has yet to be seen, I’ve started college and will start to drag my heals. I hope to let a updated caldari release out within a week with the NEW setup, drones as fighters, frigates as frigates, cruisers as frigated, battlecruisers, battleships and capitals as cruisers. I Will have to dig though the CCP eve-wiki and pull ship data out or simple look at my notes for my Evelancer mod.

Anyways Talk to you all later.

i get a error
25/8/2010 - 3::27 - Module Type not found ->cruiser_engine:…\src\SIM_ShipModuleType.cpp 272

Did you disable any mods to play mine? there might be a ship config that has an item froma mod thay you no longer have active. Or i messed up and forgot to add a module in.

If it is my fault do not worry just delete all the eve-online files as I will be releaseing a new one here in the next week With new ships graphics, and new ship classes and the such.

ok Thanks Lonestar

what about t2 weapons and modules?

Updates, I would like to get it out, ballanced, and the bugs out and then add the other stuff into the game.

EDIT: I accidently restored an older unballanced eve-online and lost all the infomation and ballancing I had done swince last release. I’m working as hard as I to get it once more ballance with college starting up and anime club starting to roll I have been unable to do much in the remakeing. PLEASE NOTE: this is only the ship status and not the hull pictures and other items. I have them safe and will be getting it done i HOPE at three or four a day.

First off double post is bad m-kay, But i’d liek to draw attention to this with a new post.

New Races:
Caldari approxmently 75% complete
Gallente 00% complete, Next on the list
Amarr 00% complete, on the waiting list
Minmatar 00% complete, on waiting list

The following are for Caldari only at the moment…
New ships: 75% finished.
I just need a few tweeks and get the drones in-game and working

New weapons: 25% finished
Rails and Missles are completed, but are ballancing and may recive better turret models for the rails.

New Scenarios: 00% finished
Not able to work on this part until ships and modules are finished or I’ll have troubles wiith it crashing or now having the right ships up there.

I’m having to make a lot of new frigate gear for these ships as there normal game ones are weak and all, But I am ballancing them as I go and will hope to make them work well with the other non-eve ships. Although that is proving hard to do at the moment, due to the ability of shiled diving. ALSO Can you have more than one race on the restricted in the modules, aka like this:
restricted = “Caldari”,“Amarr”,“Gallente”,“Minmatar”

I’ve been told this isn’t possible. You’d have to make four separate restricted modules.

is it posible to create modules like the target booster but instead of increasing acuracy they increase damage or range