Eve-online mod, Caldari and Gallente done


No, I don’t think its currently possible. But you never know . . GSB is still evolving :slight_smile:


Thanks for the music in the sound folder… they are great !


Heh thanks Ripped them from Eve-online itself.

UPDATE: I have the drones working as fighters and now just need to make drone type weapons and such. Also need to wrok out the size issue I’m getting but that is waiting for the 270 width bug/feature to be fixed, the next patch perhaps Cliffski? I’m working on my pickup to get it ready to go to Denver Co, approx 300 miles from were I live and over the rocky mountains as I live in the opposite side of them from Denver. To attend an anime convention, yes I play to Cos-play up this year. So that is taking up a good part of my time was with going to college and homework auggggggh.

So I hope that I will get the beta part two out before i leave for Denver on the 10th. It is so close i can smell it. heh just kidding, My partner in crime is currently working on the turrets but he ran into trouble getting it in-game and i forgot how i got it working, so if some of the other guys that made turrets If you can give him pointers we might have much much better turret models for the release.

Anyways Off to finish ripping apart my poor 22r engine again. Sometimes its a itch to change out a cracked timming chain cover, and do an oil change. At lest i do not need to rip into the frount brakes and yank off the rotors as the current brakes i have removed all the groves that were in them and i still have metal on the rotor and wear markers on the pads themselfs. But when these brakes need changed I’ll yank off the rotors too.

Lone Starr.

Sorry no quote for you today!


turret images for all the railguns have been completed so hopefully we will be seeing a release shortly. still working on making some custom turrets for the missile launchers but well even in eve there is no turrets for missile launchers heh heh. anyways a bit of eye candy for you guys.

--------75mm Railgun ----------------------Dual 250mm Railgun ----------------- 425mm Railgun--------

the scale is a bit off between them since those are the images for the fitting window well not the exact ones the exact ones are all neatly centered and scaled and what not and have a custom filter applied to make them look nicer but you get the point.


I’m working on the guns right now and they are REAL good, But they are easly lost in the colors of the other ship. I’m resizing ALL the ships once more to get them in the right sizes and then I have to edit the guns to make them appair on the ships.


i will wait till you release to mess with it but i have some ideas on how to deal with the turrets blending in with the ships. i will test em out and if it works ill update the turret images.


Can we get an update?


Sorry i was gone at Nan Desu Kan, aka NDK this weekend in Denver Colorado an anime convention, I was trying to get a beta out but I had to get my truck up and ruinning before i left. cracked timming chain cover lacking oil is bad m-kay. I got that fixed the night before we left, but had other troubles and even though i took my files and had the desire to work on the mod at NDK i was just having too much fun running around after Narako as Inuyasha i toptaly forgot. I’ll work on it as quickly as i can and get one out, 50% done with the resize now. But still need to do all the turrent model resizes still so maybe this weekend?? Sorry i keep pushing the release date back and back and back. I hate when a game i want does that but i hop eyou all understand.



This made it ok. the mere thought of it had my rolling on the floor laughing




In my view, quality always beats quantity, let alone timeliness; getting it out early just for the sake of seeming like an efficient go-getter. Take your time - the mod will be better for it. We look forward to the end result of your hard work…thanks for undertaking it! :slight_smile:


Kagoma, Songo, Maroko, and myself cornered him once but Kagara come from nowhere and ambushed us so he got away again. Look on youtube for pictures of the whole thing and maybe a video. There was a few people that where chasing us around to take pictures of the fights we had. Narako even had items to use as his attacks ect ect. As with Kagoma, (nerf bow and arrow), Songo ( a large foam boomarange) and myself with foam disks to repersent our attacks. Most we got form the actor of Narako as he came perpaired for such a thing.

Anyways Plugging away at math, just about done and off to my mod to work on it. And thnaks for the comments about the hard work that is going into this. i may just take a little time and make sure its goo so its not a bug riddled thing.

Lone Starr

New pictures oh prettys


yea yea dodges things thrown at him i know I’m being bad by double posting but i just HAD to let you lot know i have posted more stuff here like the above picture.


looks pretty nice!! though a few of the turret slots are in the wrong place


Yea yea i know I’m working on just the sizing, I now have hopefuly got the turrets in the right places now as with more than 75% of the ships damaged and hulks fixed. Had a typo in some of the ship .dds files and they were not working right . Now i need to resize all turrets to fit the ship models and then I think I’ll be ready for release. crosses fingers


Ok its not 100% done, but I have it about 95% done to the point i’m happy to release it out.

All that we need to do is ballance the Railguns and new missles, as with the shields.

Here is the download link, >>Snip removed link<<

It is in exe format and self extracting including the installs file, Place it into your GSB folder and run if it asked to overwrite the folder installs go ahead, But first make sure you have a copy of the install files in there already.

Windows seven will just merge the two folders without deleting to older files unless there is two copys of said filename.

OR you can just unzip it and move it yourself.


hmm just dled the release and i seem to be having some issues with the ship sizes heh heh
any ideas lonestar? cant even put the titan in as it doesnt fit in the box. does the resolution you play the game at affect the size of ships you can use? i have it windowed at 1024x768 as the resolution.


Oh yea I forgot to say, Some of the Capitals WILL NOT fit in maps other than large, As they are HUGE 900 by 900. This was also done with the intent to only have these juggernaughts only on certain maps. If people dislike it THAT much I’ll reduce the ship sizes more. This is the ship sizes that I have used and all but the capitals came from the eve-online forums about ship size.

Ship name 		size
Hornet ltDrone		8x8
Vespa MdDrone		10x10
Wasp HvyDrone		12x12
Dragonfly fighter	14x14
Mantis Bomber		26x26
Condor			66x66
Griffin			63x63
Kestrel			78x78
Merlin			65x65

(size reduced by one half from this point on)
Cormorant		110x110 
Osprey			167x167
Caracal			198x198
Moa			158x158
Ferox			213x213
Drake			256x256
Scorpion		220x220
Raven			365x365
Rokh			504x504

(capitals are huge so I had to find a size that 
worked and allowed them all on large maps)
Chimera			600x600
Phoneix			800x800
Leviathan		900x900

(Ships not in game but on here anyway)
Bantam (not in game)	48x48
Heron (not in game)	35x35
Shuttle (not in game)	65x65
Ibis (not in game)	64x64
Hookbill (not in game)	67x67
Blackbird (not in game)	112x112 (halfed)
Wyvern (not in game)	700x700 

How does the installer work, and any troubles other than the Leviathan, Phoneix, and Chimera not fitting in some maps?


just tried to download your beta 02 and it says file unavailable


yea, 5 people have downloaded it and it may have gone over my bandwitdh for a free account, Anyone willing to help with some mirror locations as I have a feeling that this mod is going to need them. At this moment I am unable to pay for a better account as of right now. I hope to soon if I can land this job I got a bite on.