Eve-online mod, Caldari and Gallente done


What size are the files, total?

drop.io offers 100mb per ‘drop’; no account registration


it is just under 70meg.


mediafire.com/file/712q9j5i1 … %200.2.exe

theres a mirror


Thanks Severain-void, do you see what i ment by the turrets are hard to make out, even with the outrageous size i have them at they are still hard to see. Also how are the missle turrets comming along?

So how is the gameplay going guys, i know there are people out there trying this mod out and not posting. If you are having troubles with it or having issuses with it i will never know unless you post something about it. Many thnaks in advance.

Lone Starr


Rail guns outsource missiles. thats bad you need to decrease the power of caldari rail guns so that missiles become there dominant weapon as it should be


Ok this has me confused, what are you saying here. the railguns are to power hunger? They are ment to be power hungry, and then missles are ment to be very light on power. HOWEVER it may appair that I have forgot to go though the missles and rebalance them out.

Besides what does a missle luncher need power for, its reloading and aiming motors so it need little power. But were as a rail gun needs the same thing plus a TON of power to charge the capacitors to fire the metal slug at something with a high rate of speed. So thats the reasion behind the high power needs of the caldari rails.

Also other issues, concrins and ballance isseses and conflics with the other DCL races that i do not have access to?


I don’t believe Zayack was talking about power. He’s talking about effectiveness, or “awesomeness”.

I think he was suggesting that railguns were such a great weapon that there was no point in using missiles, and that this is contradictory to the overall theme of the race.


Ah yea, i have noticed that they are i little um over powered but i have done the number crunching and oddly they are more powerful than missles from there basic base damage. And this data was comming stright from eve-online itself. I might look back into it and maybe try a nerf of 50% on the damage across the board for rail guns.


Hey all reamber me?

Anyways how is the eve-online mod working out for everyone? any other complants worrys or other besides the railguns being a bit on the overpowered side. witch i’m working on an update for now, I’d like to fix some other things and bugs at the same time.

Also Severian-Void how are the lunchers comming and have you been able to work on any Gallente ships? I’m sure that people would like more ships and stuff to come from this and not just be a single race at the moment.


mod is great but i dont really like caldari (missile carebears,bah) i like GUNZ more :stuck_out_tongue:

but yeah,the mod is definitely fun… i`d prefer to not judge the balance as i know how carried away with carnage i can get…

so i only have this to say:



I think you means shield hugging missle spamming faildari?
Well as a so called shieild hugging missle spamming faidari I;ll kick your butt anyday with SCIENCE!

Lol no i like Caldari simply put I play as one in eve-online Look up Lenna Yamazaka sometime If you play.


lunchers is great had roast beef today. on another note work on the gallente ships has begun. im not that far into them atm some other issues have slowed progress down… blame sc2, civ5, and impending rocket fix on sisi. hopefully i will have more work done on them soon though. i do have one issue we need to figure out, debating how to handle ships like the harb which are vertical. leave them vertical or turn them on their side. what do you think?

Edit* add Minecraft to that list as well


Well I would think we need to do them top down truthfuly as thats what was did with there heron as it is also more longer top to bottom then side to side.

I ment to ask about the lanchers, goddess why can I not spell it right! >.<


i vote top-down too
just put the hardpoints all around the screen and make the lines point to the appropriate spots :stuck_out_tongue:

well,either that or make them isometric if you know what i mean, but imho that would look kinda weird


i think you should turn the mim dreadnought on on is side. it will kinda stupid if you dont


roflol… your mod is bigger than the actual game itself…


… is the Dual 1000mm Rail gun supposed to be that big? It does not look very good…


did you ever saw a non-minmatar dreadnought look “good” ?
the siege guns on those things are HUGE… thats why they only got a few hardpoints,theyre basically built around those things and a siege module… everything else is just there to hide the scaffolding


I am STILL working on the capital guns, but thunderbird is right the Dreads are MASSIVELY huge and they are the size of frigate if you look at the in-game fluff for them. The dreadnoughts are basically made around these massive beasts, drives, power plant, siege module and what I believe takes up the MOST room in one is the jump drives.

I’m in the middle of a MASSIVE reworking of the mod, reducing the damage of the guns and missiles, adding in dual guns bullets, thanks to Darkstar076 for that. And because of the more power the more damage it does when it blows up I am reworking the capital ships to be simple ships like as in the homework mod. That way i can reduce the power needed to fuel these bad boys and help reduce the 1000’s of damage in the shockwaves. however there WILL still be a good amount of damage done in a capital ships shockwave. But as it stands right now I have my Phoneix go up, it takes out the two Raven’s escorting it, and then they blow up the remaining ships around it. I’m also thinking of removing the negative speed boost on the hulls also. While taking about the Phoneix, it will lose one weapon hardpoint making it only three launchers or two launchers and one rail, it will be giving a stronger shield and slightly stronger guns to emulate siege mode.

Any others comments thoughts and changes needed for this? Are they shields too powerful as to me they seam to be a touch too powerful for my tastes. I know the Caldari are shield tanking masters but it seams to be a little too much right now. Also are the guns and missiles firing right, there refire times seam to be good? Also I am removing ALL turrets for the missiles and having them shoot from the middle of the ships like in eve WITH the exception of the drake, they fire from the hull launchers that are already there, as with the same for any that look to have hull launchers on them.

Fly safe,


i never tried but is it possible to remove “stock” armor and shields and stuff from the given race and replace it with your own custom made race specific modules?
balancing might work much better then :stuck_out_tongue:

and yeah,i havent tried many combinations but for example the drake is pretty crazy on shields,tanks like half a cruiser