Eve-online mod, Caldari and Gallente done


AFAIK, the “generic” modules that come with the standard game will always be there, accessible to the player. Anything that you add in beyond that – either more “all-the-races” generic or race-limited modded content – will appear in addition to the standard modules. So, no; there’s not a safe way to make the basic shields and armors disappear from all availability for a modded race.


“safe” being the operative word there, Thunderbird.

I might add “easy” as a qualifier, too. There’s no “safe and easy” way to make the basic shields and armors disappear. If you want to go the total conversion route, then it’s possible, but that has certain annoying complications.


Indeed so! In this particular case, I’m reluctant to sell folks the very rope to hang themselves with. I think it best to back up and re-examine the creative impulse that prompted such a radical solution. The basic idea may itself be flawed; it’s a heck of a lot easier to change that than to change the core game (to put it mildly).


And that’s where you’re probably a better man than me. :slight_smile:

I wanted to make a mod that would seperate the common modules into identical restricted modules, to make modding the game easier. The problem is when I sit down to do it, there’s a bunch of other stuff I want to add in, and then I start considering a whole balance mod, distinguishing the races, having color variants, etc. The result is the “Independence War” mod that I will probably never finish.



now if we`re lucky,maybe cliff will think about it :slight_smile:


I have a Caldari map done, with one AI level easy, I’m curently working it out to be a beat able match it is a 250 map with 80000 credits. It has been real tricky for me as there are a ton of fighters within this map. I may go though and weed out the fighters adding in more frigates. In the hard setting I plan to have a few capital ships and lots of fighter and bomber fighters in it. With a support fleet of rokh’s, ravens, drakes, feroxes, condor’s and an asortment of drones.

I have also adjusted the fighter shields and all shield recharge times.

I hope to fix the other to and get this released soon™.

All the stuff below has been finished


borg? why not jovians instead? :smiley:

complete and comprehensive patch notes are rare to get and hard to find, you have my personal thanks for that
can i get a screenie of some kickass gallente ship when you got any? preferrably the space dildo please


making a Jovian race would be difficult because they have so few ships even though there weakest frigate could take on a battleship


Sounds like the borg…
But I’m looking into have Joves as a Non-player ships only and have reduced ships per mision and maybe make a surveil mission to that slowly incressed them as you go along. A true test to how long you can last heh heh heh.


Update 10/17/10

More tweaking to the following items,
Fighter shields ,
0 restance, 10 hitpoints,

All Items power reduction,
Still having the chain effect of Battleship explosions killing off more than just one ship.

The Caldari invade map
AI Easy is finished
AI Medium is 3/4 finished only needs to be tweaked some more.
AI Hard is 1/4 finsihed, I have the genral layout and ships in mind. I just need to get it into file format.
Need to decide on a background picture, Maybe a in-game image from Caldare space.

The Caldari race itself.
I need to find the Caldari race picture from eve-online.
I need ship names for Caldari race ships. . . Suggestions are welcomed.
I need to make a reason as to WHY Eve-online ships have appaired.

Also Severian, How are the Next race ships comming along? As with the missile bays amd blasters? I have an idea as to make the Gallente race be drone strong, But weak elsewere, but not 100% sure as to how I’d pull it off just yet. I look forward to making the Amarr and the Minimatar.

Also I’d like to point out once more that I have gone back into eve-online and have been making myself useful to my corp within wormhole space. Just myself alone i managed to get enough items to get 1.35 billion isk for the corp. And I am currently attempting to get isk to buy myself a Plex to keep playing eve, as with restart my alt account. I have NOT forgoten my mod here its just i have been busy with my corp, my college and its homework.

So for now

Fly safe,
Fight hard,
Kill much without yourself being killed!!



if you made so much isk for the corp im pretty sure the corp can afford buying you a few PLEXes :stuck_out_tongue:
keep up the good work man,in all areas :stuck_out_tongue:
im hounding every post you make,so dont be afraid to brag ^^


Uh oh! I have a stalker !!! mmmmmh maybe thats not a bad thing.

turns around to said stalker and with a rised knife
Oh shiiiiip !! !
turns and runs


And may the shwartz be with yooooou . . . . oh what a world . . .


Honestly for a capital ship, or honestly anything bigger then a cruiser!, having a huge, lethal explosion makes SENSE. Think of it: if you’re in formation with your capital ship, and it looses containment on all it’s fusion plants? No more formation!


From what I understand, fusion power plants are pretty safe. It’s one of many reasons modern scientists are so eager to switch from fission to fusion. Engine fuel is another matter.


i do believe that many of the fusion plant designs rely on higly volatile fuel…

anyways,if you cant cause incompatibility on the power side… try doing it with crew :stuck_out_tongue: or some sort of a combo… there must be some way lol

or you can just spit out concepts and wait till cliff implements the option of disabling stock modules for mod races :smiley:


They are much safer indeed! That said; if you lose containment in a violent way, they could have a tendency to do BOOM rather dramatically. After all, lot more space for redundant backups on land then there are in a space ship!

Would there have been new, higher power generators in this mod?


actually,hes right
fusion power generators are MUCH more safer,because when they melt down,because when they do,they just “melt down” and only the fuel inside the reactor at the time gets out,if even that
the rest of the fuel is stored in secured tanks elsewhere,and would need to be injected

worst case that i can imagine that wouldnt involve a explosion of massive amounts of hydrogen in the tanks is that a swath of flame would burn through the side of the ship and cripple major systems
and as you know,hydrogen needs to be mixed with oxygen in order to explode,so puncturing the tanks from the outside of the ship would cause negligible damage (violent internal fires) in comparison to a fission reactor meltdown (gratuitous explosion)

a particularly violent explosion however would occur if “both” the hydrogen and oxygen tanks would be near each other,and for example got sliced through by a fusion beam… the result would indeed be… glorious :smiley:


Or maybe you’d say it’s … Gratuitous? :wink:


gratuituous AND glorious :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree with a capital sending out a huge shockwave when it is killed, BUT It is my Raven Battleships that are the problem right now. They are blowing up supernova style and well I do not like that at all. Also on the subject of blowing sky high ith more power of a ship. think of Battletech and how they have added a rule for the mech to go critical and blow up voilently. In cocept the fusion reactors have many safe garud systems and simply shut down to stop a blow out. But too many player whanted the blow ups so badly that they added a new rule stating that the damage happened to qucikly for the saftly systems to shut down the reactor and it blows up. The same can be said ture in theses massive reactors that are in the game.

BUT we are now going off on a side track now. I hope to let you all get a peek of my newest updates and a surprize Titain weapon of Gratuitous size! It is now in the finial stages and may be ready soon™.