Eve-online mod, Caldari and Gallente done


Is there still interest in this here mod?

I might have lost my kick butt ship modder, But I am willing to attempt to pull images right from within eve-online if i need to finish out this mod. I have been tossing around the Caldari for a while and might have it ready MIGHT!

So I Ask thee Shall i finish this or let it die?


Just started playing the game but I definitely have interest in this mod. Played EVE Online for a while so thatd be fun to see.


Great mod, atm having huge lots of fun playing this after just starting to get back into GSB again.

One thing I’d like to mention though is that the Rokh appears to be flying backwards.


Hello happy and not so happy people.

I have both good and bad news, I will attempt to fix and update the Caldari race to the latest updates. But without help from someone to make the new ship hull images from Eve-online I am sad to say it will only be the Caldari. I may have a few set of Galente (spelling) ships laying around that i snapped from within eve-online via the in-game viewer copy alt-tab into paint.net and pasted saved. But they may not be the best pictures. Also If someone is able to spend the time to gather the other three races, plus concord/sleepers/jovan/npc pirates then this mod may very well be dead. This also includes the missile and turret models. As i have non except the Caldari turrets right now.

I have also moved to making a Star trek Starfleet side mod and may be busy with it for a while as with other real life duties, so my time is being divided in many ways at once. So I will see about getting an update out and see if there is help from others to breath life back into this mod.

crosses fingers, toes, legs, arms and eyes in hopes that someone can step forward to provide kick but to down views of the races of eve-online.



What do we have here…

Anyways just wanted to apologize for pulling a vanishing act on you Lonestar, life just keeps kicking me in the teeth. However… had some time recently, and managed to make some scripts to automate alot of the process making things a bit faster and look at that most of the ships are done, just missing 2 bs titan carrier and mothership. Dont have most of those yet cause they both have multiple textures which are alot harder to deal with and the mothership we may never have as the model exporter crashes on me every time i try and export it, i posted a thread on the eve forum asking for someone to get me the model though so we shall see. just need to get the damage textures and hulks done and thats another race out the door. I should have it all zipped up in a package as dds files in a day or so just like old times.

Edit* hot damn got the exporter fixed and its not crashing on any of the ships anymore, and i also figured out a way to deal with the multiple texture ships in a way that doesn’t mean rebuilding half the uv maps by hand. Best day ever!


sweet that is GREAT news man, I’m in the middles of a total conversion with a roommate right now. BUT I started this project before then so lets get it rolling and get this done man! Send me the zipped ships and turrets once you get em all done. I’ll have to redo the Caldari to make sure they are comparable with the new updates and such.


Quick update, every Gallente ship is now rendered out. I am now working on the damage and hulk images.

just about done with the damage and hulks, only 5 ships remaining


Great news now I have the entire Gallanete ships, and will be working to get them in-game.

Severian, Please hurry and grab ALL turrets from eve before Incarna hits. They are releasing NEW animated turrets and I am not sure how they will export.


Don’t worry, I have a backup eve installation that does not get updated that I use to get older models when I need them. Turrets are in the works they are a bit of a pain though as the actual models do not export cleanly and they have to be somewhat reshaped before they resemble a turret again.

On a different note I have some other graphic resources coming for you, logo files for each of the races, background images, and maybe even some custom load screens. Been doing these on the side whenever I take a break from the repetitive work.


Heh, Kwel As for the race logos, i grabbed some straight off the Eve-o forums and have there race symbols in them and then name, aka Caldari state. And i also ripped the music from Eve itself also and got like 5 or 6 per the main four races. But I will look thought what you got and decide the finial works.

Also can you make ALL ship name all lowercase? GSB does like like destroyed, hulk, or sprite with the first letter in caps. Many thanks, As i have been having to do a lot of renaming to get em working right. Many many thanks.


Media Update
for those of you that want to see stuff…
Here are some samples of the backdrop images that were just submitted



Completly awesome backgrounds! :smiley:



I played Eve Online for several months before I was forced to stop playing (I was nowhere NEAR making enough ISK to purchase Pilot Licenses, and couldn’t budget in the RL $ to buy any). But I fell in love with the game - everything about it (Except Gallente. They fly turds. In space. And are all obviously Extreme Liberals.)

I adore Caldari - the storyline, the ship designs (or really, the anti-designs), everything. I managed to form a corp., recruit almost a dozen solid players, and even hold corporate-events (mostly duel-a-thons, where the winner won a t2 frigate of some sort, which I had, in turn, won from insanely-long trading voyages)…

I’m rambling…So, anyhow, here I am, because I love Gratuitous Space Battles. And I came to these boards to look for a Star Wars mod. Saw this here thread, and just finished reading every post…

I. Need. This. It’d be the closest I get to actively playing EO again (the ONLY mmo I held ANY interest in after my early, early Everquest days.) I’d even, shamefully, give up ever using a Star Wars mod if it meant I could have GSB in Eve Online form…SO if it means anything, from me - the ubiquitous new member - please continue this!!!

I will, in return, name every core world in Galactic Empires II games, that I establish, after everyone who posted in this thread. It’s all I can offer =(


Lol welcome welcome, This mod is still in development I THINK i am close to a Caldari-Gallente conflict mod release but i need to get a few things fixed, made and balanced before I can get it out. They are the following:

Make full module listing for the Caldari and Gallente.
Get the blaster turrets from my co-maker.
Find a balance for ship hit points and weapon damage.
Develop npc ships and make deployments for player to play against.
Find something to offset the shield bubble weakness of fighters, and some frigates bypassing them.

This is how I have it set up so far, All combat drones, fighters and bombers are the fighter class. All drones will have there weapons hidden and they will be pre-made You CAN mod there other modules but there will be no fighter class weapons made available to drones. All destroyers, frigates, cruisers and battle cruisers are Cruiser class. All battleships, and capital ships are Cruisers. I have most if not ALL tech one craft in the game with the exception to a few. Also so far ALL gun data is taken straight from eve-online and put into here, although i had to do some tinkering to the blasters to make them so they will fit into the game and not be so dang short ranged that the ship is killed before they can fire. Also there is a really CHEAP fighter bay for ALL ships to help stimulate the drone bays of the ships.

I have thought long and hard about how this mod is going to work and it also is making ALL races have there OWN set of modules including the Core four. so I’d recommend that you install the eve mod into a fresh install of GSB.


Fixed that for you :stuck_out_tongue:


I Did not install the RVM part into my mod. I hand edited and remade all by me. BUT It might not be a bad idea to install the RVM mod as it WOULD help reduce any errors on my part, and reduce the size I need. Yea thanks for the suggestion there Kemp. I guess i was trying to make it noob friendly for installing heh.


The thing with RVM is that there’s nothing that you (the mod writer) needs to do. The user just has to install RVM and it’s good to go for any mod that relies on the behaviour. On the other hand, you are of course free to do the hard work yourself :stuck_out_tongue:


Yea and that the RVM also has the modules for the non-core4 races too if I remember right, and I won’t be having them in there would that be any trouble? As If I get this done right, It most likely in the end will become a total conversion replacing the core 4 races.


Ah, if you’re going to be completely replacing everything then RVM will eventually become useless to you. In the meantime it might help make sure that the official modules don’t get in your way. RVM basically makes sure that only the official races have access to the official modules. Each mod is then free to use the official modules or not (in most cases the idea will be to not). Probably useful for prototyping your ships and modules, less useful once you start replacing the core data files.

Also, apologies for dragging this off-topic.