Eve-online mod, Caldari and Gallente done


No no it was still on topic, just got sidetracked for a little bit. I am looking forward to this but it will be a little while before i can get them out and it most likly will first be the Caldari-Gallentte war, and then the Minmatar-Amarr war. Where the Caldari split form Gallente and the Minmatar race throw off the yoke of the Amarr slavers. Then once they are out and running good I’ll make the TC were its just all four of them.


Hey, i can get top-down pics of all the flyable ships, and the new kickass turrets, but they would be in screenshot form. (well, i guess i could use gimp to get rid of the background…) i would be happy to help :wink:


thanks for the offer Frigate Capn, however both myself and Lonestar are still around and working on the project. Lonestar has all of the gallente ships ready and is just waiting for me to finish the blaster turrets up before he puts out the next release. The images we are using for the ships are rendered from the eve models and textures in a commercial 3d application. the quality is much better than you can get from a screen shot and allows us much greater control over the final look of the ships. The largest component of the graphics regardless of rendering them out or screen shoting them is still the hand painting of the damage and hulk textures.


Yea this mod is FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR from finished and due to Severian-Void’s real life and my lose of internet due to move I have been unable to make any progress. I Am waiting for the blaster turrets from Severian, and he has to really rebuild them from what i hear as they do not like to export all that well. I have been working more on this and it is going so far very good, I just have to do a few more tests and get the drone hard set in there final forms and then we are ready to go. Well once I get the blaster turrets that is.


Hey guys.
Long tine since i was here.
Im sorry for that but i had a lot of other thing do to because of my study.
And now i think its time to move on here.^^
I have something for you dont know if you can use it to go on with your mod.

I have the stations renderd out of eve online.
Here is a example

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

I have tons of more so if you are interessted tell me.


WTF is that I do not have a clue as to what it is. I look Caldari but other than that i have no clue?!?!?!?! But sure we can take em if you are willing to let us use em. And welcome back man, I hope you do not mind my taking over the eve-online mod place.


It´s a Galente Spacestation. At this Time I have all Stations and half of the Jumpgates rendered out.
If you will, i can make a rar-file and upload it this weekend so you can decide they will find a place in the mod. ^^


Ah ok, I’m mostly in Amarr or Caldari space if not out in Null in Eve-online when i was playing didn’t spend much time in the Gallente space. but i think i may have undocked from one once before as i remember seeing it. And Sure I’ll take them and see what we can do. Maybe I can use em for background maps and such. Like an Attack into a system that is gate camped, Or a Seige of a player owned station/outpost and use them as ships and have an advanced array of weapons on it I’m sure I can work em into the mod. Do you have ALL stations done up including the pirates and sub-factions or just the main race ones?

Oh by the Goddess! I have ideals swimming around in my head for this LOL This will be epic if i can work it out ! !


All stations of the main races. But thats not the problem. I can render all teh other stations out to.
If have also most of the Amaar ships ready.

For example the Archon
thats the first one with bumpmap textures

Uploaded with ImageShack.us


Nice render, its incredible que quality difference between a rendered model and a maked-up 2d model.


One of the Amaar stations

The military outpost

Uploaded with ImageShack.us



A bit more light will make the station even more awesome.


That is awesome sauce, but don’t the Amarr station have a bright light coming from the open circle in the middle?

I Like what I am seeing man.


Thats right. This is the first time i usw Cinema 4D so it was not so easy to figure out add lights.
But now it is no longer a problem.
I will upload a picture of the military outpost tommorow with lights and bumpmapping.
Hope you like it.


Mmmmmm yummy !


Sorry Guys. I have some problems adding the lights in Cinema 4D. They are not voluminous and translucent. But i make advantages so its only a matter of time.

Here is a render with a little bit more light. Hope this is better or did you mean something else?

Uploaded with ImageShack.us


Nope that’s not it, I’ll put up something that will explan it better I do wish i had a few in-game shots of that station so that i can tell you what i men. The middle part of the station that has the circle in it. the space between the Circle and the golden outs layer has light in it.


Much better -.-

Well i never used cinema 4d, and every model/render system has its own ways to apply lights. Have u tried to watch out some lights tutorials for cinema 4d?

Anyways, Lonestar is right, even if i am not a fan of Eve-online , i think the center of the station should have some sort of light emitter…


Good news, I have received the Blaster turrets and are not putting them into the mod. I hope to have a working concept going here by this time next week. That is if real life does not get in the way. Then I’ll put out both the the Caldari and Gallente as a dual race mod complete with custom missions. And will update with missions with stargates, stations and Player owned stations as I get the images In.


Tezcatlipoca, How are the base’s and other items coming along?

This mod is on hold for a little while i work on the homeworld 2 mod i have going on. I will release a update to this soon do not worry i will still work on it slowly but it is not off the stove, just on the back burner.