evening classes

hello all i’m trying to edit evening classes affects so that i’d be able to gain skills faster and not always be stressed or tire. please help thanks very much

If you open up the Kudos 2\data\simulation directory, there will be file called eveningclasses.csv.

Each class listing has a bunch of data on its respective line, but what you are looking for is the final number in each line. It will be followed by a comma, an octothorpe, and either one or two more commas. For example, the French class has the following line:

#,ADULT,french,“A basic grasp of French. Enough to order a baguette and criticise the English, for example.”,12,-1,-1,0,1,0,0,0,0,0,#,#,0.2,#,

I think what you want to do is change the 0.2 (or whatever it is) at the end to 1.0 for each class. This will greatly increase the rate at which you learn the subject matter. Instead of a maximum of 20% of the class, you can learn everything at once. Even with a lot of stress, you should be able to polish off the classes in two or three sessions.

I"m pretty sure this will work…but in case it doesn’t, just restore the backup file and wait for someone who has a clue to tell you what to do.

that was great advice tried it and it worked thanks very much.

Glad to help, and welcome to the forums.

Does this mean we own angel4decale’s soul now? Dibs on the blue glowing bits!

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hi would can you tell me how to add odds of winning to the casino i mean which numbers would i fool with thanks
i think that would be good for people who’re already in a game and don’t have a job but want to be rich going to the casino actually winning a constant flow of money

I’m not sure about the chances of winning at the casino. I don’t think there are any text files you can edit to change the odds that you win at the slot machines.

If you are INCREDIBLY cheesy, you can save the game before you go to the casino, and then see how much money you win during the trip. If you want more, reload and try again. If you’re happy, then save the game afterwards. For super bonus extra cheese, do the same thing again the following day with a different friend.

hello everyone

I have a problem regarding several law classes. As soon as I alter the numbers (from 0.2 to 1 and so on), some classes disappear in the game, making it impossible for me to have a successful career. It happens with the intermediate, advanced and expert classes. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong there?


I haven’t tried the law classes, but I changed an advanced medicine class to 0.3 and it worked fine…the other thing you can try is to change the day of the class to a weekend; using the example above:

#,ADULT,french,“A basic grasp of French. Enough to order a baguette and criticise the English, for example.”,12,-1,-1,0,1,0,0,0,0,0,#,#,0.2,#,

Leave the 12,-1,-1,

The next seven numbers stand for the days of the week: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun. So a 0 means no class and a 1 means there is class that day. Right now french class is on Tues, if you want to have it on Sat so you can relax first just change it to: 12,-1,-1,0,0,0,0,0,1,0,#,#,0.2,#,