Event Quality

Okay, so what’s the deal with the “Event Quality?” What determines it? I don’t understand why it’s a “dreadful” event when everyone has a “good time” and I get lots of kudos, but then it’s an “excellent” event when people “didn’t especially enjoy” it and my relationships were negatively affected.

How does this work? And does it even matter what your event quality is if you got kudos?

The event quality is one of the factors determining success. It’s strictly related to the ‘thing’ that you did. So say 4 of you in a good mood who are great friends go to see a rubbish movie. The event quality was low (the movie) but it doesn’t matter because the scheduling of the event and the group of people was a success.
And the reverse can be true. You can go to an awesome restaurant with people who hate each other :smiley: