Events: Am I doing something wrong?



I’ve set about creating some new events for my new State Union mod. However, none of them ever seem to show up in the game. I don’t think it’s a problem with prerequesites as it happens even if I remove this element. I’ve tried everything, tried manipulating the policies in my country to encourage an event to occur, tried setting very high values in the influences, but all that ever comes up are the standard events that come with the game or no event at all. Here is an example event I have created - am I doing something wrong?

[config] Name = SUCrimePunishment GUIName = State Union Sanction for Crime Levels Texture = "event_su.jpg" Description = After a State Union Commissioner was mugged in the street on the way to a meeting in your country, the SU has announced a penalty for your total failure to control crime levels. They have warned that further punishment is inevitable unless you take action to bring down crime rates in your country. OnView = PlaySound(glasssmash.ogg) OnImplement = CreateGrudge(SUCrimePunishment,_All_,-0.175,0.575);CreateGrudge(SUCrimePunishment,Patriot,-0.49,0.725);CreateGrudge(SUCrimePunishment,GDP,-0.04,0.650);CreateGrudge(SUCrimePunishment,ForeignRelations,-0.33,0.800);CreateGrudge(SUCrimePunishment,SUCrimePunishment,0.900,0.900);SpendAdjusted(1000); [prereqs] StateUnion [influences] 0 = "CrimeRate,-0.4+(0.9*x)" 1 = "ViolentCrimeRate,-0.7+(1.6*x)" 2 = "_random_,0.200,0.400"

I tried creating a country with extremely high levels of crime and violent crime, but this event would not display, and neither would any of the other seven I created. What am I missing?


No but I am!
There is a bug preventing that event being seen, but I have fixed it just now, and there should be a patch today that will allow it to show up. If you stick it in the main directory (not the mods stuff) for now, it will show up.


Thanks, Cliff. While we’re on the subject of mods in the My Documents folder, is there any particular reason why sliders and situations cannot be added as text files in the My Documents folder along with policies, etc.? They could in Democracy 1, and it’s a bit wierd that you can create a single policy as a text file and put it in My Documents, but if you want a slider with it, you have to edit the csv file. It makes it difficult for modders, as they have to send out a whole csv if they want to create a situation or slider, which could then overwrite a modified csv another modder has made.



Ah yes, you are absolutely right there. I wanted to get 1.06 out today, because of its big fixes, but if you or any other modders have any other requests regarding stuff like that, feel free to post them and I’ll make sure they go into the next update for the game. I’m also going to upload the photoshop file I sue to composite the flags together so you can make flags that match the look of the Democracy 2 ones. I should get that sorted today.


I know this is going to be hard to put in 1.06, but could you implement a debugger?

Basically, a small programme\extension that tells you what line of code is wrong.


Just a quick question - and if the answer is no a suggestion - does the [prereqs]/[module] option that runs the Earthquakes for example work with dilemmas as well as/in the same way as it works with events?


i think prereqs will but modules will not. I’ll have to check that though.



Basically what I am doing is creating a new set of events and dilemmas that are related to the membership of the country that is being run of a “State Union” (like the EU). What I want is for these events and dilemmas only to display when the player is running a country that is a member of said State Union. I was planning on doing this by copying how the Earthquakes are done: adding:


to the bottom of the mission file for my new country and then adding:


to my new event and dilemma files.

Could you check if this would be possible and look at implementing it if not? Thanks.


I’ve tried creating a dilemma, deliberately setting the influences to 100, so that it had to be selected above all the others, and when I left out the prerequisites section, it displayed fine. However, if I try adding:


having already added:


to one of the missions that come with the game, it will not display. I presume that the game cannot handle modules with relation to dilemmas? It seems a bit odd that support for this is limited to events. Would it be difficult to put support for this into the next patch? Thanks.

Edit: Ah… I’ve just checked, and what I describe above does not seem to work with events either. Am I doing something wrong or does the game not support what I am trying to do? The modding instructions say that you can do this, but it does not seem to work.


Nope, as usual it’s my fault!. Luckily a trivial fix though. It will be in the next patch. If you want to test your stuff now, if you replace the prereqs with

0 = Monarchy

instead, it will probably work fine. A silly bug by me. I’m hoping that the next release will fix this, and also have a toggled event / dilemma debugger (its easily included right now, but its a bit hacked together, so I’ll have to post an explanation).


Thanks Cliff as always.