Events Bug

I was playing with my new mod that adds an event and when I tried to play this message appeared


And when I proceeded for a new shift it always appeared to me. How do I resolve?

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Have you checked your documents folder under mods, is there something amiss there?

Name = Il Nostro Grande Leader eā€™ Morto!
Texture = Bandiera_a_mezzasta.png
GUISound = Funeral.wav
OnImplement = CreateGrudge(All,0-0.5,0.5);CreateGrudge(Socialist,0-0.5,0.5);
0 = random,0+(0.5x),
1 = Democracy,0-(0.3
2 = Socialism,0+(0.5*x)

Is correct?

Not sure, but placing this info here, should help those who know to help you.

OK! :slight_smile:
Thanks anyway!

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Of course, any time!