Everytime I go to select a Country, the game lags horribly

I can go into anything else, tutorial, options, etc, without it lagging. Once I click on that however, I begin to lag horribly. My Game version is 1.17 and It’s downloaded on a laptop, on my PC it never had this problem reinstalling and uninstalling does nothing. Thanks in advance if someone helps me.

EDIT- I found a temporary fix, going into Windows mode gets the lag to a more bareable, but I still want to play in full screen lag free.

I fixed the problem. For some reason, I had to go into the config and set force fallback from 1 to 0. Just wanted to let you know everything is great now!

wow. that’s weird. I guess there are some horrid bugs in directx if this is the case :frowning:
Cheers for letting us know.