Excel-based Random Scenario Generator

I have created an Excel spreadsheet to create random scenarios. It is not ready for release yet, but here is a sample output.

The scenario file:

gui_id = 556
backdrop = “bg11.jpg”
icon = “bg11_icon.jpg”
name = “Random”
guiname = “Random”
mapsizex = 2048
mapsizey = 2048
player_deployment = 10,10,710,2038
ai_deployment = 1348,10,2038,2038
starfield = 1
fleetcostlimit = 13336
pilotlimit = 56
enemyrace = federation
shader = “data/shaders/default_noeffect.fx”
description = “No spatial anomalies”
size = “small”
unlocked_after =


The deployment file:

shipid = 1
name =federation buffalo cruiser
design = _federation buffalo cruiser
pos = 1629,864
quantity = 4
angle = 189
behaviour_0 = ATTACK_FIGHTERS,-1,0.46,460
behaviour_0 = ATTACK_FRIGATES,-1,0.51,875
behaviour_0 = ATTACK_CRUISERS,-1,0.29,1118

Please keep us updated on your progress, Roger. Thanks!

Yes, this could prove quite interesting. Keep us updated. Depending on how well it works, and whether or not there’s restrictions on what it can do in Excel it may be worth me dusting off my old Java book to build a full GUI program.

Hmm wat u mean exactly with “random scenario generator”? cuz there are som values that u need to write knowing wat u doing… u just cant “generate” a random scenario. Or u mean u write the values on the excel page and then it generates the rest?? well i dont see the difference between writing the values on the excel pago or in the txt file directly… if that is wat i imagined. Btw, nice idea if u can generate a random scenario writing only 1 or 2 values…

I’m guessing that he just has it randomly select which premade ships to use and then where to put them.

Exactly. And in the correct quantity to match the player force and with plausible behavior. Now I need to figure out how to write the files out within Excel.

If you just get the output in a single column, we can cut-n-paste that to a text editor for the scenario files.

That is exactly how the output is. But Excel can write files, so I can save some work but creating the files completely.

I have a version of this posted at http://www.rogercooper.com/GratuitousSpaceBattles.htm. I just added the Alliance.

Great work, keep it up. I want to see it when you can add mod races / ships into it as well.

I just improved the spreadsheet by creating opposing fleets with 2 different ship types.

I am still upgrading this. I have added most of the races in, and allow users to set parameters.

Cool news! Thanks for the update. :slight_smile:

The generator is almost complete. I have written code to automatically write the files to your computer. I just need to link it to a button. Download it at http://www.rogercooper.com/GratuitousSpaceBattles.htm

You will need to give the program permission to run macros and edit files.

Strange results can occur if your ships are the same race as the generated one.

How flexible is this file? Can we easily add ships/races to work with mods? Can it actually read the structure of the folders to do that itself?

Yes you can easily add ships/races. It can’t read the folders itself.

I have posted the final version at http://www.rogercooper.com/documents/GSBScenarioDesign.xlsm. The program contains VBA code to write scenarios to files, you will need to grant permission for this to work

Don’t have player ships of the same race as the foe, this can cause strange behavior.

A suggested use would be to create a force and face 5 randomly-generated enemy forces of equal strength and see if you can beat them all.

That’s fantastic news – thank you, Roger! Modders should benefit greatly from this utility. :slight_smile: