I found this article about Kudos through a link on a site called Alter Ego… and it mentioned this guy Cliffski did some work on the movies which I ordered last week and have been obsessing over… Best game since they stopped making good RPG’s like Baldur’s Gate and old Classic games that only I have ever heard of. (I actually have a copy of princess maker)

I am so excited by this!

When i was a kid, I used to tell my older games-literate 80’s generation brother that I wanted to make a game about real life, where you started as a kid and grew up, went to work and made decisions.

I thought when they made the sims my ultimate game had been made, but it took me a year to realise i had to download massive amounts to keep that game interesting.

Then i found alter ego, and wished bitterly they’d combine the incredibly addictive make-your-own-storyline feel with the reality of the sims.

So maybe i’ve found it? Could this be the game I’ll play over and over for the rest of my life?

Or sadly, will this be the game I’ll never be able to get in Australia…

For your many concerns, only Cliffski has the only for now.

But for the last concern, having the game in Australia, there shouldn’t be any problem, since it will most likely be downloadable from Positech’s website. Maybe the game won’t even make it to the retailers…

it will probably make it to some retailers, but the best, fastest way to get it will always be direct online :smiley:

Lets hope I have broadband by then.