Exit from the European Union in the electoral campaign

Hello community! In the game for quite a few updates there are EU situations and currently you cannot leave the EU and I think that in the Electoral Campaign you should put a card called “Referendum” where besides putting the exit / entry from the EU you can also do other referendums such as changing the form of government or important laws such as mandate limits or term of office and how the elections of the game should come out a people’s poll with the results of the referendum. If the people, for example, decide to leave the EU, there must be an event the next round that says that the country has left the EU, rather than foreign relations and raising the patriotic loyalty (on the contrary if the entry wins) and the same with for example the form of government (republic or monarchy). Otherwise if he loses his exit (in the case of the EU) the patriots have less loyalty and foreign relations do the same.

That’s it, Cliff feel free to write and obviously the whole community!

See you later!!!

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