Expanded Security Jobs Tree (Police) Mod V1

For the new year, I present my first mod: an expansion of the security jobs tree with police jobs.

Police jobs are higher-paying, tougher pre-req versions of the existing security jobs. They don’t top out as high as some of the other trees (about ~36k), but I think they flesh out the security tree a lot.

The jobs are deliberately all “public”, and not plainsclothes or undercover. Kudos is a game about socializing, to a large degree. Jobs which are secretive don’t seem to fit the atmosphere or theme of the game.

I have playtested them to some extent, and may need to make balance changes in the next version: namely, the higher pre-reqs are actually difficult to hit, and I’m not sure salary compensates adequately for that.

Instructions and licensing information (“new BSD” license) included. The only tricky part is that I’ve included a strings.ini change as a diff file - it should be obvious how to manually modify your strings.ini to use the new line, but you may want to consider using patch if you have access to it.

Download it here: david.zakar.com/kudos/police_job … dos_v1.zip

Compliments, comments, and criticisms would be good.