Expansion Ideas -- Go Global

So after a long hiatus I happened to catch a video of the development blog last weekend and figured I’d check things out again with all the updates (which are all cool) but after 2-3 real days of game play I basically got the “mega factory” built up to producing ~ 3k cars a game day… making a profit of ~50Mil a game day and maxing out my saved up cash to 2.14B (which can’t go higher…grrrr) After which I find myself asking what next? I can’t really tweek much more…the game is “Maxed Out”

With your asking for suggestions on a recent Dev Blog Vid… got me thinking what would I like to see…

Ok so you are a spunky new car company selling small number of cars from your 1 factory…why not compete on a global level.

So Ideas for an expansion…

  1. IPO the company… Your the CEO…buy /sell shares/Issue Dividends etc

2.World map that shows demand all over the world. Places where you could buy or build a new factory to meet that demand and complete against the AI ( or other real players… although multiplayer may be a whole seperate thing)
The further away the demand is from the factory the less profit you make due to shipping costs thus you may want to setup a factory closer to the demand.

you can control where you ship cars to

Different geographic areas may have import duties making expansion into that area beneficial, however you are competing against established AI’s and stealing market share might not be easy.

make deals with importers for parts/resources you have to import

would I pay for this? yes
how much? do the same thing you did with the initial game as you build it …raise the price would be fine with me.