Expansions Problems

So I’ve had GSB a while (bought direct and installed to the default “C:\Program Files\Gratuitous Space Battles”)and also installed someone’s Star Wards mod. Then today I bought and installed both Tribe and Order but when I go in the game I see no new scenarios nor options under Change Race. So, how do I fix this?


I assume you have both expansions.
Did you make sure your GSB folder contains the following folders (at the same level as the data folder): Order, Tribe, and the data\installs\ repertory contains both order.txt and tribe.txt files? If not, the instaler may have put these files in the wrong place, I’d recommend rerunning it and making sure it all goes where it should.

Yes, all done and correct. I think the autoupdate from 1.24 to 1.36 failed and now GSB won’t check again (today).

You can force it to check again by editing the up file in you my games\gratuitous space battles\web\ folder (just open it with any text editor).

as long as it saves in PLAIN TEXT. I had that confusion for so long and it broke my copy of GSB until i could make the .rtf files with .txt files. :frowning: