Expenditure & Income List

Would it be possible to change the Expenditure & Income List in the finance tab back to how is was in D3 where we could see more policies? I found the D3 list useful for viewing low value spend where in D4 it is more difficult to find in the normal view.

Let me know what you think,

I suggested scrollbar for this before.
I guess he was busy setting up game for steam and fixing bugs along other things.

Hmmm, you mean so it would not group so many in the ‘other’ category? its definitely possible. I feel I should make the ‘show icon sizes by finance’ view a bit better too. Maybe show the tooltips for every policy in that mode…

Yeah, maybe if policy has cost/income of less than 1% of total expenditures/revenues then it could be simply listed here - bar that uses same color as “other” category.
There is 248 policies but some of them doesn’t have any cost and most of them doesn’t have any income.

There is 34 policies that provide income directly
Ones without “tax” in its name are: Proportional Fines, Game Hunting*, Speed Cameras, Toll Roads, Congestion Charging, Import Tariffs, Welfare Fraud Dept.
*only if you have endangered species positive situation, which is currently inaccesible without modded countries, also solidarity tax is only available in Germany.
Additionally 8 State services provide income (when set very low): Health Service, Rail, Energy, Telcoms, Housing, Water, Airline and Post Service.
That is 42 total potentially income generating policies, but you can have 41 money bringers at time without mods.

180 policies have costs associated with them.

Yeah, we just can’t see many policies. It would great to see more, if we could we all and scroll through or even better to filter by policy area.