Experimental icon feature (policy adjustments)

Experimental feature. Policy icon outlines show if you can adjust a policy up (clockwise) or down(counterclockwise) by 10, 25% or more increments. Green if possible, red if insufficient political capital.


Love this feature - will def enhance game play. Allowing you to keep an eye on all the balls in play and how the interconnect to the greater picture.
What do others think about this experimental feature? Do you see this enhancing your game play? :+1:

Love this! A lot of time is spent clicking on policies just to see if there’s enough capital; this saves time.

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Yeah i favor this as well, saves a lot of time like the other person said. But i think it should be toggle-able.


I will add a toggle under options.
also added little white marker lines to show where the divisions (± 10%, 25% rest) are so its clearer what it does. Here it is in dark mode:


Check out this enlarged view and description @cliffski posted on twitter
Twitter - Enlarged Experimental Policy Adj

Really shows how cool this feature will be for game play

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A new tweak: If a slider is already so high/low you cant move a certain amount, we dont show the policy outline for it any more. Makes it clearer when at max/bottom.



How uncancellable policies are indicated now?

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What do you think of fading in a percentage in place of the icon when you mouse over a bubble, or any connected to it? That would allow for information to appear on all bubbles on the main screen, not just the adjustable ones.

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a percentage? to show the current value of the slider?

That’s right. I think most of the ways to display the value of the slider are intrusive or crowd the icon art, so if it’s a priority, a fade transition to a percentage on mousing over it struck me as the best way to do that.

It’s already a very cool and intuitive system though, this was just a literal shower thought.

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This sounds good cliff, what do you think? A fade out percentage over all the active policies on the main screen? So that when, as Plexus said you mouse over them, their intensity shows up without having to click on them.

Hmmm. maybe this should just be in the tooltip name for the policy. I think if you hover over GDP (for example), and it highlights 30 icons, then they all change to numbers, can you really say you remember what they all are?
But its could well be in the tooltip, if its not there already :smiley:

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Those 30 icons needn’t change into numbers, merely, GDP intensity could fade in as a percentage value when you hover over its blue icon.

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sorry, I don’t see the difference between the current icons and those that will be there, can you explain to me what changes because I can’t understand it

  1. Nested Icons. Icons within icons.
  2. Hovering over an icon would reveal its current intensity (through a percentage value). This would fade in.
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Ah, ok. Thjanks :slight_smile: