Explanation of options - please


I guess you are back from your vacation now.

I’ve been playing this French game called Geo Political Simulator (GPS) from Eversim. Well, I decided to come back and play some Dem2 (maybe some Dem1 as well). I always thought the UI on these two games is superb.

Anyway, I wanted to add what exactly do each of these difficulty options affect in the game:

What game elements will they impact?

How will I perceive their impact upon the game?

Thanks much!

the global economy oscillates between boom and bust on a sine wave. that value is the starting value through the cycle. different values of it will change the starting point of the global economy to be more boom or bust, but you need a graphing calculator to see what value has what effect.

interest rate is the rate charged on your debt.

difficulty affects lots of stuff, happiness of voters, amount of money raised by taxes etc.

cynicism is a multiplier for each voters cynicism which builds up over time to make them less likely to vote for you.