Exploitable bug

Probably you’re already aware of this, but I couldn’t find anything else about it.

It is possible to never lose friends, ie when your friend has the :frowning: next to their picture 'cos you’ve neglected them: it is simple to remove the :frowning: and still have another ‘turn’, if you keep doing this (which you can) you never lose friend and never to actually do any activity to try and get back in thier favour.

Hope that makes sense, dont want to give out too much info incase it is a bug.

Also I’ve had this message a few times:
Nonsense relationship created etc…\MILO\SIM_Relationship.cpp 98’

Then the game crashes.

Other than that, an excellent break from the norm in gaming for me - i have an xbox 360 and PSP and I’ve barely touched them since I downloaded the demo then bought the full game.

Hail Cliffski!!

omg, the last time it crashed it’s corrupted my savefile :cry:

I’m swearing…