Explosion experiment

Just trying some new code for frigate explosions:

Love it!

Are the escape pod still liked to the numbers of explosion? (I think it could be a good thing to make them independent.)

Looks Awesome.

Also agree with GATC - It would be nice to have the escape pods independent of the explosions

It already looks fantastic compared to gsb1.

however, i would add more smoking or burning debris particles that fly out the sides, like the ones on the old cruiser explosions, but smaller and faster.

(trying to find an image that explain what i mean)

Interesting explosion, Cliff; it’s more dynamic than explosions in the original game. The overall physics of what’s presented during the detonation event is compelling.

However, that dead ship’s aft hull section needs to get visually wrecked significantly more than it is at present. The forward hull clearly got ruined, and that’s good. But despite having all of its peripheral bits go flying away, that aft section itself should not so neat and clean after such a cataclysm! :wink: The very unequal distribution of soot-edged hull breaches, glowing craters and radiating sparks & particles between each of the two largest extant hulk sections is distracting to my eyes, and really breaks the immersion.

Other than that, methinks you’re on the right track with the chaos and mayhem. :smiley: What’s needed is simply a more equitable share of visible ruin on the biggest sections. It doesn’t have to be perfectly apportioned, and shouldn’t be; going to the opposite extent would be nearly as immersion-breaking.

i think that that white circle that comes out should be ironed out

Looks awesome! I see you managed to get your billowing effect cheat pretty well Cliff!
In my opinion it is quite awesome as it is now, but some sort of high speed flaming shards would look fantastic, as Ponyus said.

Also, not in topic but somewhat related, could you give to modders the ability to change shockwave graphics, or even more important, change, modify the shockwaves numerical characteristics like size, damage, modifiers over distance and range of danger?

oh no


I am going to go hide from your planet sized missiles now

But but… it looks fun!

[size=50]We call them “Leviathans” here, lol[/size]

Talking seriously, i was thinking on kamikaze ships, minefields, and other kinds of “volatile” techs.

if you need me i’ll be under my bed (pretending that will protect me)

as per minefields, one thinks it would be better if those were some sort of special weapon rather then a ship hull