Explosions, and ship damage.

I would like to see a really epic explosion from a cruiser that even causes the screen to shake. I don’t like how small the explosions are on the frigates and cruisers. They have reactors even more powerful than nuclear, they should leave a massive wake of destruction in and around the ship when it goes down. A frigate explosion should be 2-3 times bigger than the ship itself, same works for the cruiser. Fighters are fine the way they are, but should look a little more dead when they go down, like missing a lot of pieces.

Make the explosions look different based on the amount of damage that actually is taken from a hit, more damage, bigger explosion.

another thing I would like to see is chunks of a ship actually coming off when they are still alive.

Bigger explosions would definitely be nice to have! My squadron of suicide cruisers actually look a bit meager…

2 to 3 times as big as the ship might be a big too big though.

in real life, ship explosions can go up to 4-6 times larger depending on their payloads, ship size, and whether or not has weaponized nuclear material.

I presume you’re talking about naval ships right? In space, shrapnel would fly a lot further, but the actual explosion would be limited by the amount of oxygen in the ship.

True, but then again, empty, frictionless space would also mean both ships and missiles would fly a lot differently than they do in GSB. Let’s just have gratuitously huge explosions!

I’d like to see this as a graphical option type mod (like the big heads, and slo mo on UT 2004) like a tick box in the graphics options

Cruiser collisions
Asteroid collisions
advanced physic shockwaves.
Auto slo mo on High Value/point cruiser explosions

Although I would like to see some physics like collisions or something like that, it would be a hassle for him to integrate into the game.