Hi, I just wanted to point out a feature that is woefully lacking in this game. Explosions, or more specifically, explosions that occur on upon detonation of missiles. I’m not sure how impact effects are set off, and correct me if i’m wrong, but it seems that they are native to the ships themselves and not the weapons. Currently, explosive weapons simply disappear in a little puff of smoke whether or not they hit the target. As a result, it’s not always visually clear that they’ve had an effect and this is actually a very important part of game design. Sure you can have little numbers pop up every time a ship takes damage but I think it would be much more satisfying to see a cool little explosive effect unique to each type of missile that goes off upon impact with an enemy.

If a missile gets out of fuel before its reach the target, it means that the tracking of that target is useless, so the missile becomes dead and that is wat is supossed to happen (the missille is not going to explode just become dead in space… of course u cant see the dead missile… ). When a missile hits a target, yea u right and no extra explosions appear (only the explosion of the target’s hull). I think this will be hard to implement (well, almost harder than other suggestions) but i agree is something that is missing as a part of the graphics ambient.

Knowing that too much rockets crash the game as is, I am not sure if having multiple warhead explode is such a great idea.

Though as a modder I can see a lot of possibilities with “graphic on impact” in general.

Let me clarify, I didn’t mean that missiles should explode every time they die. It should only happen upon impact, otherwise they could die as they normally do.

Something like this could be accomplished with something as simple as having more than one type of hull explosion.