Export room full at make bumpers and arches

Hi, I started to make bumpers and arches in-house in a new game in 1.52. Both slots produce several items per cycle (e.g. 2 front and 2 rear bumpers). It seems to me that I end up in all make bumpers slots with front bumpers only because whenever one item goes from make bumpers to any fit bumpers slot or stock pile that a new production cycle starts and places 2 front bumpers in the export room first and only if 3 spaces in the export room are free a rear bumper is placed in the export room and all other stuff is purged.


Hi, this is a known bug that I strongly suspect is fixed in the next patch. There are a bunch of minor related resource-scheduling things that have all been hopefully fixed which will prevent bottlenecks like this occurring in those circumstances.

Thanks a lot.